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Just In Time for Spring: New Modern Piggy Hair Bows

Just In Time for Spring: New Modern Piggy Hair Bows

Who's ready for spring? Or better yet, who's ready for summer? Is it just me, or are we all ready to say goodbye to the snow, rain, and clouds and spend some time in the sun? Now that it's officially spring, you may be looking forward to shedding a few extra layers of clothing, overhauling your wardrobe and your little one's wardrobe, and replacing bulky coats and boots with light and bright clothes and accessories.

Well, guess what!?! Remember these adorable Modern Piggy hair bows we told you about a couple weeks ago as we announced Modern Piggy as a new Baby Cubby brand? We just listed some of their new products, so you now have even more options for accessorizing your little one's spring wardrobe! And I'm sure you'll be able to find the perfect accessory to match her Easter dress!

Modern Piggy Bow Headband Sets

These Modern Piggy bow headband sets are all-new to the Baby Cubby store, and I LOVE them! If you're as indecisive as I am, you'll love the option to buy a complete set of cute headbands for your little one. Now the only problem is deciding which set to buy! How many will you add to your shopping cart? I don't even have a little girl, and I'm eyeing that golden set.

Modern Piggy Baby Bow Headband Set - Cheetah is a Neutral

Modern Piggy Baby Bow Headband Set - Spring

Modern Piggy Baby Bow Headband Set - Girly

Modern Piggy Bow Headbands

If you're just looking for ONE perfect bow headband to complete your daughter's outfit, check out these cute, new designs!

Modern Piggy Leather Baby Bow Headband - Cheetah

Modern Piggy Mini Piggy Bow Headband - Poppy

Modern Piggy Clip-In Bows

Or if you're looking for a clip-in hair bow, look at all of these new styles!



Modern Piggy Dainty Leather Bow Clip - Ivory

Modern Piggy Hand-Tied Bow Clip - Midnight

Modern Piggy Hand-Tied Bow Clip - Poppy

Modern Piggy Hand-Tied Ribbon Bow Clip - Green Velvet

Modern Piggy Piggy Bow Clip - Poppy

Modern Piggy Piggy Bow Clip - Midnight

Modern Piggy Leather Bow Clip - Cheetah

With so many cute, new Modern Piggy hair bows and headbands (not to mention these other styles), there's sure to be an option (or two . . . or three) that matches your little one's spring wardrobe and Easter dress! And with styles that are so timeless, this is one clothing item that you can use year-round and as your daughter continues to grow!

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