Kickee Pants is Back!

Kickee Pants is Back!

If you haven't felt the luxuriously soft feel of Kickee Pants you are really missing out! Kickee Pants has managed to create the softest and lightest fabric into the cutest baby clothing. Any baby would love to wear these pieces and any parent would love to snuggle up with their little one in them. But why the name Kickee Pants? It seems a little quirky and, well, it is. The name Kickee Pants is actually the nickname of the founder's second son. He got this name when he was still in his mom's womb because he was quite the mover and a shaker! Founder, Aerin Nicole, conceived the idea of creating a clothing company when she was on bed rest. She was often kept up at night by her very active fetus and that is when she learned to appreciate those small moments, that although she did not enjoy at then, she know she would miss. She wanted to hold onto this reminder which is how the company got their name: Kickee Pants. Every season we anticipate the new designs that come out. They are a fashion forward company to please the parents but they are committed to pleasing their real customer: the babies and kids that wear them.

Here is their beautiful Fall line up.

Kickee Pants Alien Swaddling Blankets are the best for keeping your little one secure yet still offering some wiggle room. This one features adorable blue and while furry aliens.

You cant pass up a pair of matching pajamas! These Kickee Pants Footie Pajamas offer a button down front and fold over sleeves to protect baby’s hands and face.

This Kickee Pants Swaddling Blanket
I love it when I find a cute blanket that is gender neutral and NOT YELLOW like this Kickee Pants Shooting Star Swaddling Blanket.
I love the vibrant fun design of this Kickee Pants Natural Angler FishSwaddling Blanket
This adorable Kickee Pants Jade Footie Pajama is fitting for any little boy or girl.

This Kickee Pants Natural Orbit Swaddling Blanket features a fun pattern in grey and blue.

This print offers the most delicate look of the collection I love how it looks as a Kickee Pants Natural Tide Swaddling Blanket

I love the nice, clean and classic look of this Kickee Pants Rain Footie Pajamas

What says "boy" more than rockets on space ships, I love this pattern on the Kickee Pants Twilight Swaddling Blanket

 Its not common to find baby clothing in deep rich colors but I love how these Kickee Pants Scarlet Footie Pajamas

 This Kickee Pants Sweet Pea Footie Pajamas is so sweet and delicate and has a cute little ruffle down the front.

 I love the classic and delicate look of this Kickee Pants Jade Shooting Star Swaddling Blanket featuring featuring a Jade colored background and white stars.

 Nothing beats the blue on teal bold print of the Kickee Pants Jade Lattice Swaddling Blanket

Here at The Baby Cubby, we all love what Kickee Pants has to offer. If you get the chance to feel them for yourself, take advantage of that. We always have them in store and online at


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