Kicks and Cankles: Don't Become A Hormonal Mess

Kicks and Cankles: Don't Become A Hormonal Mess

Ahh, the pregnancy hormones. For some, they cause indescribable exhaustion, sickness, or very quickly varying emotions. Unfortunately, all three of those things can happen together, which is the opposite of fun for mom. All 41 weeks of my pregnancy (where are my other overdue mamas at?!), I was dog tired, and sick. That combination made quite the potent concoction of emotions. BUT I refused to let how I was feeling turn me into a crazy lady that my husband wanted to tiptoe around. Was it easy? Definitely not on some days, but I found that learning to handle the emotions rather than succumb to them made the pregnancy so much more fun for me to share with my husband!

Don't get me wrong, I do not profess to be a perfect person that never cracked and had my moments. I, however, never allowed myself to use how I was feeling as an excuse to be more grumpy and unkind than anyone around me deserved. During my pregnancy, I discovered the best fixes (in my opinion) for the hormonally-induced emotions.

Shower power

Jumping in the shower whenever you are on the verge, or have started to act like a hangry mama bear in the wilderness, is the best! When the shower was on and the door was locked, my husband knew that I was trying to find my zen so that I would be fun to hang out with after. Crying it out in the shower is quite therapeutic, and so is talking it out. You might feel a bit coo-coo, but just try it! Vocalizing what is making you feel weird, just might help you see how unreasonable it is. Then you can blame it on the hormones, and shake it off.

Walk it out

Getting the body moving worked SO WELL for me. Even if you aren't going to a gym or doing a full workout at home, just put the headphones in and go on a short stroll around the block. Being physically active releases endorphins that can help you feel better, and it is proven that exercise is very beneficial for a pregnant woman's body. A bit of deep breathing while you are on your walk, or doing your workout, helps clear the moody mind too!

Fake it till you make it

Sometimes when you feel crappy inside, there just really isn't much that will change it. BUT acting out because you are feeling moody won't really make you feel better either--at least, it sure never did for me! There will be those days when you just have to swallow the hormones when you feel like bursting, and let them out on your own. Remember when you were 13 and ticked at your parents, so you went in your room and screamed so loud into your pillow that your throat hurt? That works great in these times too! Those people that are close to you understand that you might be feeling off frequently, so just try to explain things to them calmly so they can give you the courtesy and space when you need it. No one ever said that pregnancy is a walk in the park. Some days your body and your mind will be run down from all of the hard work it takes to create a tiny human. That is completely normal. I am not saying that we are not allowed to feel upset and grumpy. All I am saying is that I know I felt SO much better when I didn't let my hormonal self make all the decisions.

As women turning into mothers, we get to face some really hard things. But you know what they say about hard things? If it doesn't kill you, then it makes you stronger! So just keep pushing through and adding to your super mom powers!

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