Kicks and Cankles: The Best Parts of Pregnancy

Kicks and Cankles: The Best Parts of Pregnancy

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First, let me start out by saying that I am not one who likes being pregnant. Nausea hits me around 4-5 weeks and doesn’t leave until the baby has been delivered. For that reason alone, I truly don't love being pregnant. Not to mention all the other reasons! However, looking back at both of my pregnancies, there are still a few things that I occasionally miss about having a baby growing inside of me:


The obvious and predictable go-to here is baby’s kicking, so I’ll get that over with first. Being able to feel a baby inside your own body is unlike any other experience. It brings with it peace that the baby is doing well, excitement, and a sense of purpose as a reminder of how amazing the journey is that is happening. I loved the intimacy of the movements that only I could feel, especially the tiny flutters in the second trimester.


Something about being pregnant gives me some serious self-confidence. Maybe it’s because I have a place to put my hands when I’m nervous? Maybe it’s because of the extra-sick first trimester weight loss that leaves me smaller than I’m accustomed to? Maybe it’s because I can wear all the tight fitting clothes I want because my belly is supposed be big? Or maybe it’s because of the mindset that I have; knowing that I’m accomplishing something amazing? No matter the reason, this was definitely an unexpected perk during the majority of both of my pregnancies.

Self-Reliant Baby

Uncomfortable or not, it’s easier to take care of a baby on the inside than it is when they come out! They have all the nutrients they need, there’s no need to rock them to sleep, and all messes they make are cleaned up without assistance. So basically, who needs a nanny when you’ve got a placenta and a uterus?

Food Runs

One thing I’ll forever miss about being pregnant is the authority I had to demand (mostly politely) that my husband go out and grab anything and everything I may have been craving. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work anymore.

Pregnant Hair

This one might be my very favorite. My hair while pregnant is a thing out of fantasies. The prenatal vitamins alone do wonders with the growth and texture, but the pregnancy hormones took it a step further. My hair never got dirty. Basically I would wash it because it was grossing me out how long it had been since I had last washed it, not because it was getting greasy. I never dared go longer than a week or so, but I probably could’ve made it pretty darn far. It also stopped falling out altogether, so it was nice and thick! Another thing related to hair: I could go at least double the amount of time without shaving than when not pregnant. Why is that a thing?? And how can I create my perfect dose of hormones to only give me the hair side effects of pregnancy?


The anticipation of meeting a baby, YOUR baby, something you’ve created and carried inside of you for so long, is almost overwhelming. What will he look like? How big will she be? WHEN?? Yes, it can sometimes get stressful and disappointing when the waiting settles in, but hey, that babe isn’t staying in there forever!

Pregnancy Card

I say go as overboard with this as you can because the people in your life will never cater to you the same. Sure, bending over is doable, but it sucks and someone else should have to do it for you. Pregnancy is also a pretty great excuse to sleep more, sit more, and eat whatever you want to eat. I say milk it, but that’s just me.

Alas, there is some good to pregnancy after all. This was a very good reminder that the duration of my pregnancies weren’t all horrible, and that no matter the circumstance, there’s a bright side to every situation. And the very brightest part of pregnancy? It all leads to a precious little baby.

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