Kicks and Cankles: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Kicks and Cankles: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

So, you're pregnant! Congratulations, and join the club! If you live in Utah county (or The Beehive State in general), you'll find that your condition is not uncommon. But don't let that fool you--what you are doing and experiencing is amazing, special, and meaningful. That being said, pregnancy offers lots of ups and downs to navigate, which is why we, at The Baby Cubby, are creating a blog series on pregnancy, and what it's like to actually experience this 9-month roller coaster ride.

If you want weekly updates as to what's specifically going on with you and baby's physical development, check out our bump posts. Otherwise, follow me into the magical universe of pregnancy, where it's all on the table: the good, the bad, and the ugly. For our purposes, we'll work backwards, starting with the ugly.

The Ugly

So you might not love being pregnant, and that's okay. Some women love it, but many more tend to love the baby much more than the pregnancy, if you know what I mean. Pregnancy can make you crazy--we're talking yelling at your husband, ugly crying in public, and not being able to get through a toilet paper commercial without getting emotional. Amid the morning sickness, weight gain, swelling (can you say cankles?) and host of other (completely normal!) symptoms, you're going to experience things you never have before. Just remember, it's all part of the process, and it doesn't last forever. Best of all, there's a beautiful, sweet baby at the end of the tunnel! You'll be okay.

The Bad

How is "the bad" different from "the ugly" you might ask? Well, for starters, I put "the ugly" into the category that most people are familiar with and see externally. But, pregnancy also affects your relationships, particularly with people closest to you. Your sex life may (or may not) take a nosedive while you're packing a baby in your belly. Communication might be more difficult when you're emotional and tired. And, let's be honest, it's all too easy to become a little self-involved when you're pregnant, which can be hard on any relationship.

Luckily, girlfriends, sisters, and moms can help you out in these instances. They've really been there, so seek empathy and advice from them. Pregnancy might be hard on relationships (not to mention your sanity and beach body), but it certainly can also bring you closer to those you love if you take the time to express your concerns and listen to their loving replies.

The Good

As you'll hear, it's not all bad. In fact, pregnancy, even if you hate being pregnant, has some really great things about it. Here's what I mean. Are you bored? Look up all the weird things that can happen while pregnant on the internet! Are you tired and grumpy? Blame it on the pregnancy! Are you feeling a bit peckish? Order a pizza and a box of donuts judgment-free, because you're pregnant!

Pregnancy gives you a strange power: one where you might be the office freak show, but you also, basically, can get whatever you want. And that's a beautiful thing. A seat on the bus, the softest chair in the office, snacks up the wazoo--they are all within your reach now that you're all maternal and interesting.

For me, the biggest perk of pregnancy is feeling a growing human inside of me. It sounds odd, but those little kicks and nudges are just so sweet and wonderful. It also gives me the opportunity to get to know my baby better, and start the bonding process even before the birth! That stuff isn't something you can get anywhere else.

pregnant woman and husband

So here's to you, mommy. It's a long and often difficult journey filled with wonder and beauty. You're more than up to it, and it's oh-so worth it. Here's to pregnancy--the experience of a lifetime. Welcome, mommy!

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