Kicks and Cankles: What is Going in the Hospital Bags for Baby Two?

Kicks and Cankles: What is Going in the Hospital Bags for Baby Two?

Are you an over-packer or an under-packer? This girl is an over-packer through and through! I just hate the thought of getting somewhere and wishing I would have brought something specific. So, when I packed my first hospital bag 2.5 years ago I *thought* I had for sure packed everything I would need and want. Welllllll, turns out I packed a lot of stuff that I didn't need and missed some stuff I definitely wanted! So, here is my list of what is going in the bag this time!

For Baby

  • One outfit for going home: I took about three pairs of pajamas on top of the outfit I had planned to take the baby home in. The one time I tried to put our baby in one, the nurse came in and needed her stripped to her diaper for a test she had to run. Just keep baby in the little hospital onesie shirt they provide if you want clothes on them, and then whip out your going home outfit when the time comes. Don't forget the hat or bow to go with!
  • Mittens: A very large percentage of newborns have insanely long nails, and you can't cut them for
    the first few weeks because they are still pretty attached to the skin. So, the only way to keep them from clawing themselves is to cover the paws! In my experience, the hospital onesie did not have the little fold-over hand covers, but that might not be the case everywhere. The little cotton mittens with elastic just came right off so I swear by Goumikids Mitts.Clementine Kids Muslin Swaddle - Baby Cubby
  • One cute swaddle: I imagine you will be taking a cute little arrival photo for family, friends, or social media while you're in the hospital. I don't want to use the hospital swaddle in this photo so I will have my baby swaddled in the one I bring.
  •  Journal or baby book: I didn't do this with my first and was so sad afterward. There was plenty of time in the hospital that baby was with the nurse getting her newborn tests done, or simply snuggling with dad. In those moments I will be filling out my Promptly Journal this time around! In my opinion, these journals are the absolute best way to keep track of memories of your kiddo from the womb to 18 years old!
    Promptly Journals Childhood History - Baby Cubby

For Mom and Dad

  • Insurance cards and license: The hospital will need these to get you registered and checked in.
  • Phone charger: Pretty sure there is no explanation needed here. I threw an extra one in my bag when I packed it early so I won't accidentally forget the one I use every day.
  • Stool softener: I started taking this as soon as I was admitted to the hospital to help the after-delivery symptoms.
  • Book: If your labor isn't a quick one, there will surely be some time you are wanting to fill. Obviously, if a book isn't your thing, take something that is!
  • Travel size toiletries: This was something I completely forgot the first time around. I had to send my husband home to get stuff so I could shower and brush my teeth. To avoid forgetting again, I bought a travel-size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, and a new toothbrush. I also have a toothbrush for my husband. He didn't want to shower at the hospital last time so he just ran home to do that. But, if your spouse or support won't want to leave the hospital, be sure to think about the stuff they will want to feel clean.  
  • Brush and hair tie: Because who likes tangled hair in your face? You won't want it there while you deliver either.
  • Blow dryer and straightener: This is totally a personal choice. May seem unnecessary to some, may seem normal to others. When I showered, I wanted everything to be clean so I washed my hair and re-did it at the hospital.
  • Waterproof sandals: I just can't bear to stand in the hospital shower in bare feet. I might be crazy, but if you feel the same, bring yourself some shoes you can wear in there because you WILL want to shower. It helps you feel like a new person!
  • Socks: I was over the hospital socks once I delivered, so I am bringing one pair of my own this time to keep my always icy feet warm and comfortable.
  • Robe: For just in case you want to escape the hospital gown. I would go with a dark color and don't get something inexpensive because it could get ruined.
  • Comfortable/Nursing Bra: The first time around, I went to the hospital in a sports bra, and didn't have a nursing bra with me. This time around, I made sure to find a super comfortable nursing bra so I could wear it during delivery and onward.
  • Pillows from home: My husband and I are both very picky when it comes to our pillows. If we don't have our pillows, we don't sleep well.

There you have it! I wouldn't say that it is the most minimal hospital bag in the mom department, but that's what I learned the first time. I brought more for my baby the first time than I did for myself, and that was a bit backward. Baby really gets everything they need from the hospital and you or the bottle! You are the one that needs to be prepared with all that you might want or need to feel well after your childbirth experience! What about you? Did I miss anything that is your tried and true must-have?

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