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Knock Nipple Confusion with Comotomo

Baby number three is coming in hot at our house right now, and we’re getting all sorts of prepared.  So, while my little girls are preparing to be big sisters, I’m preparing for our lives to be completely flipped upside down. At least that's what it feels like for me!

While it’s no easy task to prepare for the unexpected that a new baby brings, there are a few mistakes I’ve made in the past that I will be certain to not make this time around. And one of those things is introducing a bottle after it’s too late!

I really wanted to exclusively breastfeed my second child. I wasn’t against using a bottle, I just wanted to make sure that my milk supply was up enough in the beginning so that I could maintain it for at least a year. I got so super focused on my goal that introducing my baby to a bottle didn’t even cross my mind until she was almost two months old! By that time, she wanted nothing to do with bottles of any kind!

I kid you not, we tried over a dozen different bottles with her! We were lucky enough to borrow the assortment of bottles from a neighbor who had experienced the same problem. We tried every type and brand of bottle you can think of! It was an exhausting process, and my tired mom-brain worried every day that my baby would somehow starve if I didn’t figure it out!  

To be honest, we had almost no luck with any of the bottles. I really do think we introduced bottles too late for her to really take to any of them. It wasn’t until we finally tried the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle that we finally got her to take a bottle! It really was a lifesaver! I was finally able to leave the house for more then a couple hours. Date night was back back on, and my husband could finally help during those sleepless nights!

There are about a million different bottle options out there. It’s a bit overwhelming. Which one is the most natural? Won’t make your baby gassy?  Cleans the easiest? Is the best for transitioning to a sippy?  There are so many factors to consider, but I think Comotomo has really checked all the boxes!

Right off the bat, their dual air-vents are placed perfectly to not only prevent leaks but colic as well! They don’t add any fuss to their design and have kept to a wide mouth--making cleaning a cinch! The most unique part of the bottle, though, has to be the silicone material used. The soft silicone give parents peace of mind, knowing they never have to worry about toxic chemicals. It also is soft to the baby’s touch, mimicking soft, skin-like feel and offering a soothing, calming touch, and better grip.

I really hope to breastfeed my next little lady as well, but life is so much easier when you don’t have to feed your little one every single time. Having a baby that will take a bottle as well is a top priority this time around! I’ve already stocked up on my Comotomo bottles, and I won’t waste any time putting them to use!

If you want to make you bottle troubles easier, try out the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle. You won't be disappointed! You can find them at The Baby Cubby online or in stores!

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