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Let Daily Affirmations from Slumberkins Bigfoot Snuggler Boost Your Little's Confidence

Let Daily Affirmations from Slumberkins Bigfoot Snuggler Boost Your Little's Confidence

Like a lot of mamas, I try my best to have a few routines daily that my kids can rely on. They know that every morning, we'll wake up and talk about their dreams and I'll ask what they want for breakfast. They know that every night before bed, we'll sing a song while we brush our teeth, and then we'll read a book and say our prayers before getting tucked in.

But one thing I haven't worked into our daily routine is something that will help my babes with their self-esteem and confidence. Slumberkins is making it easy for parents to help their littles learn using daily affirmations with their Bigfoot Snuggler.

The Bigfoot is on The Baby Cubby's Top Toys List because it's a cuddly companion that helps our littles when they need some love, but, along with the Board Book - Bigfoot Believes, it reminds them every day that they are brave and unique!

The whole thought process behind Slumberkins Bigfoot is something that any mama can appreciate-- it helps to instill the positive feelings of love, appreciation, and acceptance in themselves. It completely changes the narrative that our children need to listen to external voices to define their self-worth, and helps teach them to listen to themselves!

Slumberkins Bigfoot Believes Board Book
Slumberkins Bigfoot Believes Board Book

Bigfoot Believes uses rhyming, cute stories, and coping skills to make daily affirmations fun for your littles and easy enough for them to remember so they can say them every day! You can check out Slumberkin's instagram stories to see ways other mamas are using these daily affirmations to make a difference in the way their babes feel about themselves and follow their 3 simple steps: interact, connect, and reflect.

So if you are looking for something to add into the daily routine for your babes and want to make it sweet and positive with a cuddly plush and fun-to-read affirmations, then check out the Top Toys List on and pick up a Slumberkins Bigfoot Snuggler and Bigfoot Believes Board Book!

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