Life After Birth: Sayonara Pregnancy!

Life After Birth: Sayonara Pregnancy!

I just got home from a group play date and a few of us moms were talking about a fellow friend who just had her baby. “I’m so happy for her," a friend said. "Not because she has a new baby but because she doesn’t have to be pregnant anymore!” I couldn’t be more on board with what she said! It’s no secret that I’m not one who adores being pregnant, so when I hear other people say things similar to this, it makes me so happy that I’m not alone!!  

I’m not trying to discredit recovery here. Because it takes a lot of time and patience and can be really tricky depending on the situation. But I personally feel amazing during recovery compared to being pregnant. A few reasons why:

I can move!

Bending over, getting in and out of a car, walking instead of waddling, and so on.

I can breathe!

It’s amazing the relief felt when our lungs aren’t sharing their typical space with a watermelon-sized babe! Walking up the stairs was never so easy!!

I can eat anything I want

There’s room again! No more half-eaten meals because baby was taking up all of my abdominal room, aka squishing my stomach into an odd-shaped smashed organ.

I can sleep…sorta

I slept juuuust fine during my second pregnancy (maybe it’s a girl thing?), but with my first (a boy), sleeping was rough. I couldn’t fall asleep, I couldn’t stay asleep, and I was grumpy from sundown to sunup because of it. Falling asleep is definitely not an issue when there’s a newborn in the house. The staying asleep, however, isn’t quite in our control!

I am not nauseous

When I was in the hospital after just having my first, I ordered some dinner from the cafeteria. It was mediocre tasting, but the smell was absolutely horrible! But I had a conscious moment when the food was brought in to me that I was zero percent nauseous. It was AMAZING! It’s like the second my babies come out, all nausea is automatically gone!

I have energy

I don’t care how long my baby is up or how often I’m feeding throughout the night, it’s an entirely different exhaustion than pregnancy. When I’m pregnant, I legit can’t keep my eyes open and have zero energy to get anything at all done. Even during my healthiest days, I was still somewhat debilitated from exhaustion. So the energy surge during recovery and from there on out is money.

I’m forever grateful for what my pregnancies have brought me and all of the many lessons learned during those tricky months, but man I am enjoying not being pregnant! Major kudos and jealousy goes out to all you mamas who prefer being pregnant and love every minute of it! And for those of you who struggle like myself, know you’re not alone and take heart that it doesn’t last forever!

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