Liingo: North America's First and Only Baseless Infant Car Seat!

Liingo: North America's First and Only Baseless Infant Car Seat!

You guys, something amazing has happened! A big game changer in the car seat world! Clek is releasing North America's first and only BASELESS infant car seat!

Hello, liingo! Until now, an infant car seat has needed to come with a base, because every North American infant car seat is required to be sold with the LATCH system. So what did Clek do? They integrated the LATCH system directly into the car seat itself!

This car seat is perfect for families who are constantly or consistently swapping the car seat from car to car. City mamas, I'm looking at you!

The LATCH connectors come in a removable bin, which can be removed at any point if you decide to use the belt route or if you want a base down the road! Yes, it is still compatible with a base!

The liingo is created with the same best-in-class safety features that Clek provides in all of their car seats. It is suitable from birth to 32" and weighs 9 lbs (this is without the LATCH compartment attached, the LATCH compartment adds about a pound to the car seat's weight).

The liingo is compatible with all of the same strollers we know and love that the liing is compatible with! It has a quick-release detach that makes it easy to maneuver in and out of a stroller.

Another feature we love about the Clek liingo is the canopy! It has 3 positions, is SPF 100+, and it has a mesh peekaboo window for airflow and visibility.

Because you're not paying for a base, this car seat is ridiculously affordable! AND it's launching with a promo price! So definitely check it out!

A few last things we love:

  • Two-stage insert system
  • 9-year life span
  • Aircraft approved
  • Lightweight polyester-spandex fabric
  • Industry leading safety standards

The liingo is available today for preorder! The expected arrival date is late-June to early-July! Order yours now!

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