Little Stocking Co. Prize

Little Stocking Co. Prize

I’m really not very good at sticking to my new year’s resolutions. Especially when it comes to working out. I love the idea of diligently exercising every day, and I know my body will love me for it, but I am really no good at it! For this reason, my husband and I (he is similar) came up with a reward system.

Basically, if we work out every day during the week, then, on the weekend, we get a reward. Something in the 10-30 dollar range for weekly prizes, like sunglasses or a new shirt. Then, if we’ve gone through an entire month, we get a reward in the 65-100 dollar range. This is a 3-month commitment, so at the end of three months I’ll get an end-of-week prize, an end-of-month prize, and the golden prize (150-300 dollar range)--AKA a Freshly Picked Diaper Bag!

We sat down on New Year’s Eve and wrote out the rewards we hope to receive in the next three months. As I often do, I realized that I’m not in need of many things (especially after Christmas and my recent birthday), so it becomes purely wants. And while I’m excited to receive some out-of-the-norm splurging on myself for accomplishing something difficult for me, I found myself wanting things for my kiddos as well!

One of my weekly rewards coming up, that I’m gifting to my daughter, is a pair of Little Stocking Co. Tights! My baby girl has a couple of pairs of tights, but they were basic and haven’t worn well. They are kind of falling apart. These tights, however, are not cheaply made and are seriously adorable! They are cable knit, so they have plenty of detailing for solid colored tights.

Little Stocking Co Tights - Vanilla

Little Stocking Co Tights - Blossom

They are machine washable and it is recommended that they be washed before they are first worn. This is because they are made a tad big to account for some slight shrinkage during their first wash. So I’ll be buying my nearly one-year-old size 1-2 years so she has room to grow into them. They come in sizes from 0-6 months all the way up to 5-6 years! Another thing I love about these tights is that they aren’t incredibly thick, so they can be worn all year long, not just the chilly winter months.

Little Stocking Co Tights - Mustard

I can’t wait to get my baby into some of these tights! Little Stocking Co. also has adorable knee-high socks, but my babe refuses to keep socks on, so I’ll have to wait for another time to reward us with those!

Little Stocking Co Knee High Socks - Pixie Purple

Now here’s hoping I can stick to my workouts so she can get some new cute tights for herself! And, I won't lie, I'm excited to get some really great stuff for me too.

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