L’ovedbaby New Styles!

L’ovedbaby New Styles!

The quality of my children’s clothing is a lot more important than the quantity! It has taken me two kids to finally come to that conclusion. Now that I have this new way of thinking, I have come to appreciate brands such as L’ovedbaby a heck of a lot more!

Materials used in L’ovedbaby clothing are not only soft as can be, but safe and eco-friendly. I’ll admit sometimes it’s tempting to go with a generic brand’s clothing, but the items I spent the extra few dollars on are easily my favorites. Plus, it’s so fun to dress my babes in nice things. The quality definitely shows--especially after a few washes! One of the many sad parts about babies growing up so fast is that kids and teens just can’t quite get away with wearing certain clothing items. But while they’re new and tiny, L’ovedbaby has the perfect collection of snuggly soft jammies and overalls! And lucky for us, there are so many adorable new styles in various colors and sizes to choose from!

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Gloved-Sleeve Overall

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Gloved-Sleeve Overall - Amethyst

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Gloved-Sleeve Overall - Mauve

I don't know if it gets any more irresistible than a baby in thermal. And not just any thermal--ridiculously soft, perfectly stretchy, and as-good-as-you-can-imagine thermal. They have no-slip grip dots on the bottoms of the feet and fold-over mittens for tiny baby scratches!

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Gloved-Sleeve Overall - Slate

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Gloved-Sleeve Overall - Black

One of the best parts about these thermal overalls is the color options! L'ovedbaby sticks with these same colors throughout a whole ton of their pieces! So you can mix and match them or get older siblings different styles and pieces too! Here are a few examples:

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Kids Long-Sleeve Shirt - Amethyst

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Swaddling Blanket

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Kids Drawstring Lounge Pants - Light Gray

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Knotted Cap - Mauve

L'ovedbaby Organic Thermal Romper - Slate

L'ovedbaby Organic Footed Overall

I know I just said that those thermals were my favorite, but I may have jumped the gun just a tiny bit. I mean just look at these!!

L'ovedbaby Organic Footed Overall - Beige Painter's Stripe

L'ovedbaby Organic Footed Overall - Beige Alphabet

And I promise you the quality and feel of these are just as heavenly as they look.

So basically, if you're looking for yummy goodness to keep your babies looking stylish (and warm and comfortable and even more kissable), L'ovedbaby has certainly got you covered!

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