Lovin' on Fawn Design

Lovin' on Fawn Design

Every year around Christmas time, my husband and I like to make a list of three things each that we (realistically) really, really want. As the new year progresses, we save up for a few of these items and as we purchase them, we add new things to the list. This helps motivate us to save money, prioritize what’s important to us, and ultimately, we end up with pretty sweet gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas presents. Usually, the big things that take a while to save for, we save for Christmas.

This past Christmas I came up with my list of three things I would absolutely love and, coincidentally, one of them came on sale the very next day! We spent a good chunk of our Christmas cash on a Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat. Perfect for our two-year-old son to share with his then unborn sis. As the year progressed, May came around and our fifth anniversary crossed off the second big thing on my list--a king-sized bed. Since you know that said brother and sister end up in our bed more often than not, so why not expand. And although my third item (a new car, also because of a growing family) may not be achieved this year, I still have two empty spots I’ve been thinking about filling.

Want to know what slid into my number 2 spot?

A Fawn Design Bag.

Please tell me you’ve heard/seen/coveted after these beautiful bags by now? I truly think they’re as marvelous as it gets when it comes to a diaper bag or any bag at all! They’re sleek and sophisticated while functioning perfectly as a diaper bag. I especially love the backpack feature, as two kids continue to prove busier by the day. Basically I could go on and on about what I love about this bag, but in all honesty, this bag pretty much speaks for itself.

However, if you’re not yet convinced by my prioritization or by the bag selling itself all on its own, here’s a wonderfully made YouTube video all about the Fawn Design bag explaining, in detail, the pros and cons of owning and using this beauty. These bags can be purchased at The Baby Cubby location or over the phone.

Who knows if I’ll get this cute bag before the year is up, but I see this staying on my list even as my baby gets older. Heck, I’ll probably want this bag ten years from now when my babes are all grown up!

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