Lucy Darling Stickers, Board Books, and Art Prints Will Have you Like, "Aww!"

Lucy Darling Stickers, Board Books, and Art Prints Will Have you Like, "Aww!"

I am so excited to introduce you to a Cubby favorite: Lucy Darling!

Lucy Darling began when Haily Meyers, a graphic designer, shifted from designing greeting cards to baby stickers and art prints when she welcomed her daughter into the world.  Each piece of art she creates is an expression of her excitement about motherhood.  She finds inspiration in nature and in the simple beauty of her daughter’s smile. Her aesthetic is retro with a modern whimsy, focusing on color and typography. Haily is committed to enriching darling moments and creating memories that are as special and unique as each individual child.

I think seeing is believing, so here is a little eye candy for you:

Monthly Stickers:

Tutti frutti

Be sure to check out their many other styles of monthly stickers: Lucy Darling Monthly Stickers - Little Animal LoverLucy Darling Monthly Stickers - Little ArtistLucy Darling Monthly Stickers - Little Miss Number Cruncher (pink)Lucy Darling Monthly Stickers - Little Number Cruncher (blue)Lucy Darling Monthly Stickers - Little Sea Captain, and Lucy Darling Monthly Stickers - Little Sophisticate!

Milestone Stickers:

Milestone stickers

Closet Dividers:

Little Animal Lover

Also available in Lucy Darling Closet Dividers - Little Artist.

Belly Stickers (For us Mamas!):

Growing garden

Gorgeous Art Prints:

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Laundry guide You know all those symbols on your clothing tags? Well now you can read them!

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Black floral
See all the other varieties of "You are Loved" Lucy Darling prints here.

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Adventure

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Happy camper

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Lil' surfer 
Also available in Watercolor.

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Nighttime

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Out to Sea

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Sail away

Lucy Darling Art Prints - Whales

Board Books:

Lucy Darling Board Books - National Parks

Other available books:

Could Lucy Darling's designs be any cuter?!


Written by: Natalie Gubler

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