Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow: A Must-Have for Mamas

Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow: A Must-Have for Mamas

In the mama community, we are constantly asking our besties about the must-have products we all swear by. And the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow  is an absolute fave among mamas!

If you're anything like me, you want to invest in products that you'll get a lot of life out of, and the Luna Lullaby is so much more than just a pillow to use while you're breastfeeding!

Pregnancy Pillow

So here's the deal-- sleeping when you're pregnant is an absolute nightmare. Trying to get comfortable when you have an extra 20+ pounds living around your middle and a snoring husband to your left (love you babe) is nearly impossible. Toss. Turn. Scream internally. Repeat. Something that helped me TONS was a pillow between my legs and a pillow propping up my back/hips. Sometimes enlisting the help of said husband to help position me. Something that might make everyone's life a little easier is using the Luna Lullaby as a pregnancy pillow. It has a unique shape that easily forms to your pregnancy bod, and can fit great between your legs and under the bump or around your back, to make sleeping so much more comfortable. 

Nursing Pillow

So obviously this is going to make nursing and bottle feeding so much better for you and babe. With my first I had such a hard time getting into the right position to breastfeed, and constantly had back pain. A nursing pillow was a total game changer. It does this magical thing for you and babe to cradle them in the correct position so that you're not stooping over, and to make sure they're at the correct height for eating. It was also so helpful when I was feeding my babe at night, because it was that added level of comfort to help my babies get to sleep more quickly. The really nice thing about the Luna Lullaby is that it doesn't have a hard bend to it, which makes it a lot more flexible for different shapes and positions! 

Baby Pillow

Do you have a babe that hates tummy time? I don't think they make ones that do like it, so that was a silly question. But propping them up a little with this pillow helps to get their muscles working to get used to lifting up their head and rolling around. You can also turn them around and use it to prop them up when they're learning to sit up to give a little extra support! You can switch out the pillows cover from lightweight to something softer and cozy, and your little one can get a ton of use out of it even when they've outgrown being held while they eat.

Mama must-haves are going to vary, but one thing we can agree on is something that will help us and our babes. When you can use a product like the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow when you're pregnant, nursing, and after makes it the perfect accessory for any mama!

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