Make a Resolution to Record More

Make a Resolution to Record More

If journaling were a subject in school, I would likely be given an F.

That is, before I discovered Promptly Journals. They are a way to enjoy journaling again, and they make it so easy. If your New Year's resolution is to be better at journaling, you NEED to promptly purchase a Promptly Journal.

I so wanted to have record of my daughters' childhood, but I'm just terrible when it comes to writing the records of my life. Promptly Journals provide brief, but meaningful, prompts throughout each phase and year of your child's life so that you can remember all the details you want to and record them quickly and efficiently. All journals also come in a wide variety of colors, so each journal can be as unique as your children and their stories.

Prompts include questions such as, "How did you feel when you first saw your baby?" and "Who does your child most resemble at this age?"

The Childhood History journals cover pregnancy to 18 years old. It's seriously my kind of journaling! Not only do they offer gorgeous Childhood History journals, but incredible Adoption and Love Story journals as well. Now you can have a way to remember life's most amazing moments and one day pass them on to those you love most.

Letterfolk Notebooks

Another fantastic (and EASY!) journaling option comes from Letterfolk! They have a variety of journals for kids and adults, each with a specific theme in mind. Pregnancy, babies, vacations, books read, teeth lost, and bugs collected - to name a few. Each of these passport-styled journals are the perfect travel size and don't have an astronomical amount of pages, so they aren't intimidating at all, and some - like the traveling ones - would be amazing to receive every new year, to keep track of all adventures taken!

Letterfolk also has more mainstream-styled journals/notebooks for those more diligent writers who would rather write everything out than fill out prompts. And even their Everyday Checklists notebook is a great option to keep in a purse, diaper bag, or anywhere around the house!

Do you have a resolution to record more? Shop December 26th - 28th and receive 15% off all Promptly Journals and Letterfolk Notebooks and more! You can shop in store, or online at

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