Make Screen-Free Time More Fun This Summer!

Make Screen-Free Time More Fun This Summer!

At The Baby Cubby, we know all about the struggle to find things your kids will love to do that don't include their faces being glued to a tablet or them gaming and building imaginary block worlds all day long. Screen time can be a real struggle to kick, because it's convenient, and it takes pretty much zero effort on mama's part.

Screen time can be used as a great way for kids to enjoy their fave shows, and games, and can also be used for learning with tons of different apps and programs, but the truth is a lot of mamas don't want to rely on that for their littles' only source of fun and entertainment!

While the majority of mamas will admit to their kids having some form of screen time daily, whether that's TV, tablet, phone, or gaming consoles, it gets tough during the summer months when kids are home all day, every day, and you want to make sure they're doing more than just watching their favorite pups save the day again... and again... and again...

We also know that it can be hard (like nearly impossible some days) to convince your kids that doing other things is more fun than screen time, so we decided to help by putting together a few things that will make it easier on you, and more fun for your littles!

This list is pretty universal and can be great from tiny kids to big kids, but check out the Play tab on our website for amazing toys-- everything from learning and active toys to dress-up or plushies! You can also come see us in store and get a look at all the fun stuff in person!

Ice Cream Scoop Puzzle

I don't know about you, but my little guys loves to do puzzles, and it's actually something we like to do together! It's fun to lay all the pieces out on the floor and take turns finding a piece that matches! I love the idea of this fun little ice cream puzzle and you can make it a fun summer game by finishing the puzzle and then getting a couple cones for your littles as a sweet treat for the day!

Color Set - 3D Sci-Fi Fun

Need something that will make coloring more interactive and exciting for your little ones? One of these 3D sets will make coloring a whole new experience for your kids! The set comes with markers, coloring pages, and a pair of 3D glasses for your little to get a cool view of their artwork! This is a great one to take with you on longer road trips or days out to avoid screen time, and it'll be fun to see your littles watch their coloring come to life.

SpinAgain Toy

Looking for a toy that your babes can spend forever and never get bored? This toy is going to be your new best friend! This active toy allows babies to work on their motor skills and I swear they could witch those gears spin down the rod alllll daaaaay loooong. When all the pieces are on, just turn it upside down and start again! This is a great way for your toddlers and babies to understand putting pieces in order, and helps with color matching too!

A to Z Uppercase Magnatab

For any mama who has a preschooler and is looking for something their littles can play with during the summer to keep up their learning until school starts again, you'll want to get your hands on this alphabet board! The little stylus brings the metal beads up to the surface, and it'll keep your littles tracing letters all day! You can even help them practice with their name, sight words, or their address by giving them flash cards to copy!

Double Up 2-in-1 Mini Marker Set

Coloring isn't always the most fun thing in the world for some kids, but I know that my little girl always goes nuts for anything that she can put into a case and carry around! Plus, letting my kids color with markers?! Downright a miracle. This would be such a fun thing to pull out after you get a big online order and have nothing to do with the empty box-- Let your kids get creative with coloring and decorating the box and turning it into a house, car, spaceship, or candy shop! They'll spend hours creating the space, and even longer playing in the box! Mama wins all around!

Mamas know all about the struggle to keep their kids' screen time to a minimum. Even if you're a fan of getting a little bit of mama time by letting your littles enjoy some TV, everyone could use a few go-to toys and games that can help keep their littles happy and entertained without the screens!

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