Making a Working Mom's Life Easier

Making a Working Mom's Life Easier

If you're a working mama, you know all about the time crunch. Trying to fit everything in a day isn't impossible for you, it's just your everyday, average, super mama stuff that you're used to. No matter what your schedule is, we know that you don't have ANY time for those little hassles and set backs our little ones are so good at creating!

So if you're on this working girl's train, and are dealing with the daily struggle between home and work life schedules, you're probably wondering if there is anything out there to make your life just a little bit easier. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the daycare drop offs, finish mealtime preps, and get that ticking clock to work in your favor, mama!


EZPZ Mini Mat

EZPZ Mini Mat Setting a basic, general schedule while you're at home is going to help you make everything run a little more smoothly. Because let's be real mamas, if you don't make things run smoothly, then no one will. Schedules are especially important for working mamas, because it helps you maximize the time you have with your little ones when you're not at work. Even the most basic of schedules for your kids (like this one for mornings before work) can make a huge difference.

1. Wake up and brush teeth (change diapers), 2. Get dressed (yes you do have time to let them pick their own ridiculous outfit), 3. Coloring/Story/Play time (while you get food on the table), 4. Breakfast (while you finish getting things packed to head out the door), 5. Shoes on, and out the door! Every mama is going to have a different schedule depending on her kids, their ages, and of course, what ungodly hour of the morning they decide to wake up. You'll also want to make sure you invest in the little things that will keep you from losing your mind when you're trying to get out the door. If your kid is anything like mine, their breakfast plate/bowl ends up on the floor 85% of the time, so having something foolproof like the EZPZ Mini Mat will keep their plate in place, and saves you from that mess that nobody has time for!



Skip Hop Grab and Go




Skip Hop Grab and Go Taking advantage of your free time, to prepare for the busy week, is one of the best ways for working mamas to spend more time with their babes. Make yourself a hefty list of groceries, home essentials, and errands that need to get done, and do your best to knock those out during the weekend when you have a little more time, and some help from daddy. Trying to limit the number of trips you make to the store during the week means more time you get to spend at home. Also, getting things done the night before, once all the little ones have gone to bed, will save your sanity before you all head out the door each morning. Getting lunches, snacks, and bags packed will save you big time panicking in the morning. Little time savers, like the Skip Hop Grab & Go, will keep all your babe's snacks in one place and make it easier for you (and your sitter) to grab just what your little one's hungry for. You can even separate them for things like formula or refrigerated goodies.



Dockatot When it comes to making sure you have all the right things in all the right places, the right gear is going to save you time and trouble. If you've got a little one who is still napping and needs their own sleeping situation at the daycare or sitter's, the DockAtot is such a great option, and saves you from lugging around a portable crib (at least until your babe outgrows it). It's light, can be thrown in the car when you're headed out, and your sitter can set it on the bed or in the crib for naps. This can also work as a comfort for your sweetie if they've been using the DockAtot at home; they'll love the familiarity of sleeping with it. You'll also want to make sure that you've got the right bag to keep everyone's essentials in the right place.

Every mama knows how obnoxious it is to try and find the lost binkie, and instead, you're almost in tears as your fingers are pulling up coins and cracker crumbs. The Oemi Baby Leater Diaper Bag is going to give you the best of both worlds. It is a sleek, gorgeous leather bag that you can take to work, while also having space to fit in some easy-to-grab inserts! These inserts can fit all of your little one's snacks, diapers, extra clothes, and yes, binkies.

Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag

Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag

This is especially helpful so you aren't dealing with multiple bags! Too many bags means that sometimes a few things get left in there a little too long. (Not like I've ever done that with a bottle of milk and found it several days later and wanted to die...nope.) Getting a few products that will make your life easier is the key for every working mama to feel like she isn't stressing to get everything from home to sitter and back home.

Whether full-time or part-time, whether your commute is long or short, all working mamas know that getting everything done takes time and energy, and sometimes you just need a little help. Taking the time to organize, prioritize and maximize on your time with your kids will help you feel fulfilled at home, and also make things a little easier while you're getting that work done!

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