Making Meal Time a Teeny Bit Cleaner

Do you remember that time in the past that you sat down to eat dinner and didn't worry about what you would find in hair, on the ground, or on the neighboring table at a restaurant? Yeah, me too. Mealtime with growing kiddos is just a circus, and there is no other way to put it! Lucky for all parents out there, EZPZ and Boon have developed products to make meal time just a little cleaner!

EZPZ mats and bowls are a great option! They are made of 100% silicone so they are virtually indestructible, and they stick to just about any table surface! Your toddler can whack the side and pull at the top as much as they want, but these dishes won't go flying off the high chair tray. Going out to dinner? Fold it up and take it on the go with you! When your mat or bowl is ready for a good cleaning, just pop it right in to the dishwasher!

I have one of these plates for my daughter and let me give you a little tip. If you have a very curious toddler, I recommend putting the mat onto their tray or table surface before they are sitting there looking at it. My daughter watched me peel and adjust the mat once, and she figured out the child-proof trick, GREAT. But, the fact that the plate is heavier and bends a bit when lifted, keeps her from doing much with it even though she can peel the corners up.

Boon decided to come up with a solution to every parent's constant sippy cup battle. So, let me introduce to you a simple silicone "lid" that you stretch right over the top of a regular cup or water bottle! WHAT?! Yep. There are no extra parts, or bottoms that have to go with one specific top. They are small enough that you can keep one in your diaper bag all the time, and you will never arrive somewhere, and then realize you forgot the sippy cup again. I have not personally used these, but have seen in reviews that some older children figure out how to remove the SNUG Spout from the tops of cups. Other than that, everyone says these are an absolute life saver!
Last but not least, we have another mealtime saver from Boon! The SQUIRT allows you to feed your baby pureed baby foods without the danger of a wide mouthed open container being swiped at, and spilled all over the place. Simply unscrew the bottom, pour in your baby food, replace the cap, and make sure the spoon cap is perfectly in place. Stick it upright in a bottle pocket in your diaper bag and you are ready for mealtime! Another perk about this Boon product is one-handed feeding! Now you can feed yourself and your baby at the same time without the worry of a giant mess!

I wish that I could promise you your mealtimes would be perfectly serene and clean with these products, but all I can promise is that they will be slightly less messy! And that's a win in my book! Awesome baby products do not have to be crazy and complicated-- what parent needs more complication? These simple products may just be the relief to your mealtime stress!

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