March Madness: Mom Edition Round One Recap!

March Madness: Mom Edition Round One Recap!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you know that we’ve got a fun tournament going on! But what you may not know at this point is HOW ARE ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS DOING?!

Here’s a recap of what happened in round one of March Madness and what you can expect in the next week or so as the tournament progresses!

Region 1:  Strollers

In my opinion, this has been the most exciting region so far. And it was in this region that the unthinkable happened: a 50/50 TIE! So of course we had an “overtime” tie breaker vote and it was very close the entire time! But the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Single pulled ahead eventually and took its spot in round 2.

Do you know what I found most surprising with the stroller region? The fact that all three of our jogging strollers got voted out in the first round! And when it comes to the biggest my opinion, it was in Group D when the UPPAbaby G-Luxe was picked over the City Select Lux Bundle. But I guess I get it, the G-Luxe is an awesome stroller! Especially for travel!

As for the rest of the region, take a look at how the votes went: 

Yes, this really happened! What are the chances?!

All-in-all, strollers in round one were the most stressful for me to watch unfold because there are SO MANY GOOD OPTIONS. 

Region 2: Car Seats

It turns out, people are very opinionated when it comes to car seats! This region had the largest margin with their advancements, with most results leading in a very clear winner. I'm happy to see a good mix of infant car seats and convertible car seats advance to round 2!

Region 3: Diaper Bags

I’ll be honest, this region has brought me the most surprises. I can't call them “upsets” because some of the higher seeded bags eventually came up on top (barely) but I was definitely most surprised with Diaper Bags when watching all of the votes play out! When seeding these bags, these two things were HIGHLY underestimated:

A. Mini bags!

B. Fjallraven bags

Take a look at the Diaper Bag results!

Region 4: Other Gear

Looking at this region as a whole is rather intimidating because it has such a range of products in here! Like how do you actually compare the favorite or the functionality of two items that are SO different from each other? But we certainly couldn’t just leave these gear items out! So in they went and I have LOVED the diversity they have brought to this tournament! You never know what you’re going to be voting on when it’s an “Other Gear” vote!

In my opinion, the biggest upsets here were with the Doona Liki Trikes! I guess never underestimate a baby wrap/carrier!

Okay, now that you’ve seen the results of Round 1, I HAVE to know! What are you the most surprised about? What has been the toughest vote for you so far? And what items do you think are going to make it to the final four? I cannot wait to see what keeps unfolding with this March Madness: Mom Edition! And I’m thrilled that we all get to find out together!

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