Maxi-Cosi Car Seats on Sale!

Maxi-Cosi Car Seats on Sale!

The other day one of my besties was doing just about the sweetest thing of all time-- she took my little guy for a day of playing with her son at the museum and play place so I could get some shopping done. I know. What an angel.

When I was getting my son's car seat out of our car to put into hers, we were laughing about how big it was even though it was so light and how funny I probably looked to everyone in the Chick-fil-A parking lot basically carrying it over my shoulder. But then I glanced right over at her son sitting in his seat, and he had the exact same car seat! What?

I guess great mama minds think alike because the Maxi-Cosi convertible seats are pretty much the apple of my eye, and let me tell you a few reasons why I LOVE them, and why both my babes are in them.

Oh, and if you didn't need any of these reasons to buy a Maxi-Cosi Infant or Convertible Car Seat, just a quick heads up that they're currently 15% off at and in store! So if you want to save some money on the best seats of all time (ahem), then don't waste time mamas!


Okay this is huge. Like huge, huge. I can install these car seats in about 2-3 minutes without any struggling, whining, or sweating. I know, that's basically a miracle considering I do that just getting out of bed in the morning. But for real, these seats are so easy to install, and they make other car seats feel like a chore to get in the car. I love that there's the button to push to release on the latch, and that the straps cinch tight without having to throw your back out.

If you're ever doing what I did, and are switching seats from one car to another, even every once in a while, then getting a car seat that you can confidently install is pretty major, and my son's Pria has never given me trouble getting into any car!


Okay, so when my son was in an infant seat, the first car seat that we purchased looks so puny and uncomfortable once his Maxi-Cosi seat showed up to our house. I was borderline jealous that he got to have that much cushiness while we were driving around. The car seats are so comfortable for my kids, that I swear it's like they have to fight not to fall asleep every time they're in them. I never have to worry about whether they're getting achey from being strapped in too long for road trips or if their necks are hurting when they're leaning against the neck supports because there is so much comfortable padding for them.

I also love that there are padded covers for the shoulders and the buckles, because that just adds to the fact that they don't have any annoying plastic digging into them. I can drive knowing that if they're crying and screaming in the backseat it's because they're dying of hunger or thirst (again?) and not because they're uncomfortable.

I also love, love, love, love the fact that I can take the entire seat (yeah, like all the fabric on this thing) off and throw it in the washing machine without worrying about rethreading straps (ew, no.) or spot treating or messing with the seat in anyway. It is so stupid easy, that it makes the fact that I pretty much have to wash them once a week a real treat. I mean, the fact that, at some point during the week, one of my kids spills chocolate milk, gets skittle stains all over it, or rubs goldfish dust into every crevice isn't really a treat, but you get what I mean. Oh, and I've never had trouble with getting stains out at all! Just throw them in with the same detergent I use for our clothes and let it air dry and voila! Amazing.


Like I said before, the first car seat we bought our son was one that in hindsight didn't have half the safety ratings or features that the Pria or Magellan pack. The Maxi-Cosi car seats have Air Protect Cushion which protects agains side impact damage protecting babe's neck and head. It's a little bit scary when I think about how we tried to penny pinch on his seat when he was so tiny. Never. Again.

Thankfully, we never had to have a rude awakening when it came to car seat safety, but I think that investing in safety features for your littles seats is so incredibly important, and now that I've had my babes in Maxi-Cosi for years, I recommend them to everyone! They have great height and weight limits in the convertible seats which just means that your kids can use them for longer, and you're getting a lot of life out of them and they're being kept safer for longer. I love it.

Even though you're probably paying more than you would on travel systems or convertible seats you can find at other stores, the Maxi-Cosi seats are not madly expensive considering the style, comfort, and safety you're getting. My mama opinion is that they are worth every penny! After having our Pria for about three years and our Magellan for one, I have never once been disappointed with them!

So take advantage of Maxi-Cosi with the sale The Baby Cubby is doing this week. You can buy online, or come into our store to get a look and see which style best fits for you and your babe. Plus, you'll be saving 15% on the car seats I swear by every day! AND get 5% back in rewards with our free loyalty program. Talk about winning!

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