Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 vs. Britax Clicktight Marathon

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 vs. Britax Clicktight Marathon

Getting the feeling like your babe is in need of a car seat upgrade? If you're reaching the point where you're squeezing your little love into their infant car seat, or you're looking to invest in a safe seat that can see your child all the way through their major carseat days, it may be time to look into some convertible options that will keep them safe and comfortable as they grow!

When it comes to switching over to a convertible car seat, you'll be getting the benefit of rear and forward facing options to adapt to your babe as they gain weight and go through those super delightful growth spurts. You'll want something that is easy to install, clean, and adjustable. And of course, you'll need a seat that will keep your little backseat bestie safe and sound with minimal movement and max protection.

The Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 and the Britax Clicktight Marathon Convertible Car Seat are two incredible options for when your family is ready to make the change.

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat

Safety is the name of the game for this baby! You will never feel like your kid is more safe then when they are buckled into this car seat. The Pria 70 uses advanced multi-directional FlexTech to reduce movement in the event of a crash. This seat is also a stand alone for its use of Air Protect, which protects your babe's head if the car were to experience any sort of side impact.

This seat is safe for kids 9-40 lbs rear facing, and up to 70 lbs forward facing. That means you can keep your big babe safe and sound for a good long time in this seat, especially with the help of the infant seat insert!

This sweetie also comes in four other colors besides the Bohemian Blue: Bohemian Red, Sweet Cerise, Mineral Grey, and Grey Gravel.                         

Ever live in California, park your car at Target for like 3 hours when it's 95 degrees, buckle your kids in and drive home, pull them out of their car seat and realize their back and bum are drenched in sweat and want to cry a little bit? Yeah. Me either. *cough*
Well, no need to have that moment with this saving grace of a car seat! Your babe will be more comfortable than ever, because the Pria 70 uses self-whicking fabric which draws liquids away from your babe's little bod so they can stay nice and dry! It also helps to deodorize, so you won't feel like the backseat smells like a wet camp sight, ya know? Maxi Cosi Pria 70 convertible car seat

If you do need to clean this seat, you will be amazed by how easy it is. The entire seat pad can be unsnapped from the seat and thrown in to the washer and dryer. Like.... This is a glorious thing.

You won't have to fumble around with removing the entire seat, unbuckling the straps, cursing a little because you know you shouldn't have given him a dumdum while in the car seat, and then crying a little because the straps are the worst thing ever to get back in. Nope. Unsnap. Insert into washer. Insert into dryer. Snap back on. Ta-da! You are super mom.



Oh, and speaking about the installation of this seat, you will not have any trouble making sure the buckles and straps are where they need to be. This seat has a one click LATCH system which means you fit the seat into the backseat, open up the latch and slide in the belt, and push down for easy and perfect install every time! It also has micro adjustments for harness height, and a super easy, deep rear-facing adjustment. This is a convertible seat that your babe will love to ride in!                       

maxi cosi pria 70 convertible car seat

Britax Clicktight Marathon Convertible Car Seat

This seat is a thing of beauty. An adjustable, comfortable, advanced, child protecting thing of beauty. The Clicktight Marathon will make all of your safety fears a thing of the past. This seat uses SafeCell Technology in the base, steel support bars are integrated into the design, and it uses unique Versa Tether technology to absorb impacts and reduce movement and injury.

What does this mean? It means your babe is literally buckled into one of the safest seats on the market; and their little body, head, and neck will be protected if your car is hit from the side, front, or rear. Your little will fit in this seat rear facing from 5-40 lbs, and forward from 20-65 lbs. A head and body pillow infant insert will make this a seat that your child can grow into from birth to booster!          

This sweet seat comes in a bunch of different colors that will make it fun for you to strap babe in! Whether you choose Domino, Pink Giraffe, Onyx, Silver Cloud, Cowmooflage, Vibe, or Rio you will be making the right choice. Scouts honor. This seat is also a leader in comfort! It features plush foam padding in the seat, strap covers, head rest, and buckle pad to make sure your little one isn't getting pinched or rubbed the wrong way during the drive.

As your child grows, they'll need different levels of recline, so the Marathon has you covered with 3 easy to adjust recline settings!

Britax marathon clicktight car seat - Riobritax marathon clicktight car seat - cowmooflage

Install for the Marathon couldn't be easier! You simply open the seat to expose the belt path, buckle it in, and clip in the latches to the car anchors. Push down on the seat, wait for the click, and you're done! Easy, safe install every time!

You'll also never need to worry about the straps digging into your kid's shoulders, because this harness has a 10-position harness and a 2-position buckle that allows you to easily adjust height and width as they grow.

Wanna know what's worse than tearing apart your house looking for the instructor's manual to your kid's carseat? Nothing. Well, no need to deal with unstrapping the harness and rethreading it, and having no idea what you're doing, because the Marathon is equipped with Quick-Adjust. Thank heavens.

As an added bonus for the mamas strapping in their babes, this seat also has the EZ-Buckle System which keeps the straps and buckle out of your way when you're getting your always agreeable, and never difficult to maneuver, child into their car seat.

3 position incline picture of Britax Marathon Car Seat

Harness adjustments on the Britax marathon car seat

You simply cannot go wrong with either of these seats! They are both leading options in safety, convenience, and comfort for your littles while you're on the go. My advice? Read up on these two, flip a coin, and stay safe mamas. 

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