Meet Jenny: The Mastermind Behind Fawn Design

Meet Jenny: The Mastermind Behind Fawn Design

**UPDATE 8/8/2016: The Baby Cubby will now be carrying Fawn Design Bags in our store! Give us a call or come on in to our Lindon, UT baby store to pre-order before they arrive next week!**

Do you love Fawn Design? Then let us introduce you to Jenny, the creator and mastermind behind the business! Jenny is a lovely mother of one 6 month old daughter. Jenny loves that because she is a business owner, she is able to be home with her sweet daughter every day and remain an important part of her life. In fact, being home with her children daily this was Jenny's motivation and drive behind starting a business of her own! So, in January of 2014 Jenny made her first 100 Fawn Design diaper bags. After selling out shortly after, she eventually started a Kickstarter campaign where they raised more than they needed in only 15 days! Super awesome. We are so excited to have her participate in our November 11th Pop-Up Shop! But first, we wanted you to be able to get to know her a little bit and she was kind enough to answer some questions for us! So please sit back, relax, and learn what it takes to become a true entrepreneur!

Why did you start your company?

I started my company originally so I could do something that would allow me to stay home with my future children. My husband also had to start a business for his entrepreneur class at school, so that's when he said to me, "this is finally your chance!"

Tell me about the journey of your company?

I started Fawn Design in January of 2014. I came up with the design for the bag and spent several months getting it right. I sold my first bag in April to my good friend who gave me the idea to do diaper bags. From there, I made just under 100 bags on my own. We continued to grow that year and had a crazy demand all the time. We decided to run a Kickstarter campaign in December to help raise funds to start having our bags manufactured. Our campaign ran for 15 days (unlike the typical 30 days) and our goal was to raise $25,000. Instead we raised $42,000! So we were well on our way to start that process. Since then we have been ordering more bags and selling them in days, and sometimes selling out in hours!

Fawn Design promises both style and function!

What has been the most satisfying achievement so far?

My most satisfying achievement was actually having my Kickstarter campaign featured in the New York Times in March.

What has been one of the most difficult parts of starting and growing your business?

Balance. Owning a business means it's full time! And not just 9-5! Fawn Design is non-stop at our house and sometimes it's hard to take time for myself and not quickly check a few emails. Sometimes the negativity is also hard to deal with, but I feel like I'm getting better at it.

What makes your company stand out, what makes your products and brand different?

My company stands out because of our humble beginning. Unlike some, I hand made each bag that got us going. Our diaper bags are different than any other bag on the market. Our goal is to not scream diaper bag, but look more like a stylish purse with all the function of a diaper bag. People buy our bags that don't even have kids!

What have you learned about parenting and family as you’ve started your company?

I've learned that they are number one. I do what I do for them. They will always come first. I've learned time is so precious. If you ask me what my 3 most important things are in life? I'll say my family, my faith and my time.

Fawn Design Diaper Bag in Camel

What are 3 things you wish you had known when you started that you have learned?

  • That it is more work than you can ever imagine!
  • Once you feel like something has been accomplished there are about 100 other things to do!
  • The stress and hardships are what refine you!

What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?

I get to work for the best boss in the world! Just Kidding! But I do love making my own schedule and being able to work any where in the world!

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your children?

Fawn’s brand new blush bag!

My little one is 6 months old and I have loved watching her personality start to come out! I honestly love to bring her in bed with me and my husband and watch a movie!

What advice would you give to first time moms?

Don't let the mom guilt get to you! You're doing the best you can with what you have and that is enough!

What's your favorite quote/saying or lesson you try to remember regularly?

A lesson I think about all the time is what is called the Iceberg Effect. Everyone can see the tip of the iceberg (or your success), but they don't see the bottom of the iceberg which represents all the hard work, time, money, sleepless nights and stress that goes into your business. Try hard to always remember you can't succeed without putting in the work.
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Love these beautiful bags!! What an inspiring story & work ethic. I love seeing these bags in action by other moms and can spot them !

Rebecca Graham

I love being a mommy of 2 and hopefully one more :-) please pick me!

Jasmine Galindo

It was great reading about your company and about yourself! I love the advice you gave to first time moms. It’s nice to hear that once in awhile. ;)

Alma Gomez

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