Meet Pip and Finklebear!

Meet Pip and Finklebear!

I have been a fan of Tegu toys for a long time! I was first converted at a couples party at a friends house years ago. She had kids but they were all sleeping. I saw a group of adults playing with the kid's toys and showing a ton of interest and rather enjoying themselves. I remember thinking, "I have to buy these for my kids one day" and found out that they were Tegu Magnetic blocks. When I had my kids later on, you better believe those blocks were under the Christmas tree. They remain a favorite toy for my kids, their friends, and yes, our adult friends as well!

Tegu has some new adorable friends to introduce us to! Meet Pip and Finklebear, Tegu's Sticky Magnetic Monsters! Finklebear is a mischief maker, with a warm heart, who loves to laugh. His buddy, Pip, is a carefree, chatty-cathy, bouncy friend!  These two friendly monsters would be a great addition to your Tegu collection or as your first piece of this awesome brand!
 The thing I love most about Tegu blocks is that they are such high-quality blocks that will last through all my kids and their kids too! They are non-toxic, so I don't have to worry when my little one puts them in his mouth. They encourage creative and open-ended play, and the possibilities are endless! I love that Tegu added characters to their fleet giving even more possibilities and personalities to play. All Tegu blocks are attractive and well made, so I don't mind displaying them in my boys' rooms. I love the fun colors and the cute faces on these Monsters! I am happy Tegu has come out with something where you can build a character. I feel that if the child is involved in building it, they have more interest in playing with it and using their imagination. The Tegu team has come up with names and personalities for these little Monsters but kids can have them be whatever they want!
 I am so excited about the new Tegu Sticky Magnetic Monsters and can't wait to add them to our Tegu collection!

Check out this cute video featuring Pip and Finklebear themselves!

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