Meet the FridaBaby Windi

Meet the FridaBaby Windi

There are many things about the newborn phase that I do not look back on fondly, but by far the worst part for us was gas pain. I am actually embarrassed to tell you the number of times I might have called our pediatricians office begging them for advice on what to do! Our son would wake up constantly throughout the night (when his digestive track slows down the most) and cry out in pain. It broke my heart and the doctor just kept telling me there wasn't much we could do but wait for his digestive track to figure itself out. Easy for that nurse on the other line to say!

Of course there's the classic tummy drops, or Gripe Water but I was always so scared to just keep squirting medicine into my son's mouth, not really knowing if what I was doing was helping, I mean what if it was making him sicker? Oh, the number of things you worry about as a new mom! If this sounds like anything you're experiencing as a mom, or a fear as a mom to be, I have the GREATEST solution ever for you! I actually found out about the FridaBaby Windi my first time into The Baby Cubby store! I had never heard of it, and I almost fell over in utter disbelief that there was something out there that could naturally and SAFELY release my son's gas. It exists though, and it's a miracle!

The FridaBaby Windi Gas Catheter sounds a little strange at first, but it's from FridaBaby, and that's just their "thing". The way the Catheter works is you spend some time massaging baby's belly before lifting their legs up like you're going to change their diaper, and then insert the catheter into their bum. The Catheter will "whistle" when the air is being released, and hopefully you'll get some instant relief for your little one! It may take a few tries to release the air, but this strange contraption is going to be a lifesaver for you and your precious baby! You can check out our previous post, Gassy Babies Have a New Best Friend, for even more information!

Gas pains are never fun as adults, let's be honest, so I can't even imagine the pain and frustrations our children feel when they can't communicate the pain their in, or figure out how to relieve it. The Windi is a must have in your diaper caddy, and makes a GREAT gift for showers! It's such an affordable item that will save you many agonizing moments as a parent!

Written by Katelyn Bozada
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