Meet the King of Modern Strollers

Meet the King of Modern Strollers

Now that I have kids, my parents tell me how lucky I am to have such amazing stroller options.

“Back in the late eighties and early nineties, our only choices were flimsy umbrella strollers or bulky, limousine double strollers that were five feet long!”

They tell tales of how the plastic wheels would get a flat spot, the fabric would easily tear, and they were so heavy it took a crane to lift it into your car trunk - if it fit at all. Pinched fingers were common and the straps were no match for a busy toddler.

Yikes, right? Well, now we have strollers with configurable seating, strollers compatible with almost any car seat, and strollers specialized for certain activities, like jogging or terrain adventuring. The BOB is considered king of the modern day stroller by virtually everyone. Their Revolution FLEX stroller comes in both a single and a double option, and is the first choice of parents everywhere. What’s so great about the BOB Revolution FLEX? Read on to find out. 


BOB Revolution FLEX in Black

The BOB Revolution FLEX is great for everyone, whether you’re an avid runner or not. This versatile jogging stroller comes with an adjustable handlebar, easy recline seat, extra large canopy for sun protection, and swivel-lock air tires for jogging safety and smoothness. It's narrow enough to take shopping and sturdy enough to take on an off-road trail. Plus, it's stylish as all get-out. It's widely recognized as one of the highest-tiered strollers on the market, so when your little one is riding, she's riding pretty.  

BOB Revolution FLEX in Lagoon
The FLEX is great for infants and kids up to 75 pounds, which means this stroller will be a beloved investment for most of your kid's childhood. The large undercarriage basket and integrated pockets make hauling snacks, diapers, purses, shopping bags, and other loot a piece of cake. Plus, the extra large sun shade with peek-a-boo window shields your child from the sun while still allowing visibility. It weighs only 28.5 pounds, so lifting it in and out of your car is easy. Other features:
  • Quick-release design makes attaching or detaching wheels simple
  • Adjustable front wheel tracking helps correct alignment with a simple twist of the knob
  • Foot-activated parking brake secures stroller in the stopped position
  • Wrist strap provides safety while running Includes buckle to lock stroller closed when folded
  • Swiveling-locking front wheel makes tight turns easy and locks forward for increased stability
  • Adjustable 9-position padded handlebar
  • Adjustable suspension system offers 3 inches of travel and 2 stages of weight support for an ultra-smooth ride
  • Easy 2-step fold
  • Air-filled tires on high-impact polymer wheels
  • One-hand recline adjusts simply with the squeeze of a button
  • Fully upright seating position
  • Ultra-padded seat with ventilation and a five-point harness for comfort and security
BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie in Black


The BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie is the double option, and can support up to 50 pounds per seat in any terrain. It comes with all the same features of the single FLEX and is available in black. It weighs 33.1 pounds and folds in two easy steps with no pinched fingers!

Add Some FLEX to Your Outings

With the FLEX, taking your kids for a jog (or shopping, or to the park) is simple for you, comfy for them, and fun for everyone! Both the single and the double FLEX are compatible with BOB, Britax, Chicco, Peg Perego and Graco car seats (with adapters). You can even purchase snack trays for either stroller so your kids have a place to set their juice and almonds. Get out and enjoy your days with your kids with the BOB Revolution FLEX!
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