Milkbarn New Arrivals Just in Time for Spring!

Milkbarn New Arrivals Just in Time for Spring!

Spring is here and that means new arrivals from our fave brands! And if you're like us and SO over the winter weather, then you're going to love all these newbies from Milkbarn that are breathing a breath of fresh air into our littles' wardrobes!

The collection for this spring is filled with pale blues, light greens, and pops of fun colors and animals to get your little one excited about the colors and critters they might be seeing during the season. Made out of light, breathable cotton, and designed to be loved, your babes are sure to be comfortable and cute!

Organic Leggings- Blue Lemon & Blue Buck


Organic Footed Rompers- Fox, Buck, Blue Lemon, & Green Pear


Bamboo Footed Rompers- Tutu Elephant & Blue Floral


Organic Zipper Pajama- Blue Buck

Bamboo Zipper Pajamas- Blue Moose & Tutu Elephant

Organic Newborn Sets- Buck, Grey Zebra, & Blue Lemon

Apron Dress- Teal Floral

Bow Ties- Blue Floral, Teal Floral, & Rose Floral


Organic Swaddles- Fox, Buck, & Blue Lemon

Bamboo Swaddles- Tutu Elephant & Teal Floral


Whether you're expecting a springtime baby that needs comfortable and sweet clothes and blankies, or you're just looking to lighten up your kid's wardrobe with some new jammies or accessories for the spring weather, these fun and unique pieces from Milkbarn will have them set for the season!

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