Milkbarn: Now That's How You Make an Impression

Milkbarn: Now That's How You Make an Impression

There’s something very personable about reading the “about” page on websites. It’s a good reminder that big, successful companies weren’t always that way and that there are real, live, actual faces behind some of the products that we love. Milkbarn is a brand I’ve recently come to love even more because of this.

Bamboo Zipper Pajama - Blue Moose

I’ve always loved their products; they have one-of-a-kind prints that stand out above the rest. And I’m not just saying that as like a sales pitch - their products really do have a lasting impression. But now that I know the story behind Milkbarn, I am even more drawn to these guys than I was before.

Milkbarn began in 2006 with bibs made in the kitchen by a loving mother with dairy country roots north of San Francisco, California. Which is where the name Milkbarn came from. Obviously, things escalated and now they sell dozens of products with several prints. But if these prints made an impression before, they’ll make an even bigger one now. They are designed by none other than the 19 year-old daughter of the founder. They are incredibly passionate about children’s products having freshness and imagination thrown in--much like the world we live in.

Bundle of Burpies - 2-Pack

Not only do these products stand out and have unique designs that are unparalleled in the baby industry, they are also eco-friendly. However, Milkbarn is not in-your-face eco-friendly and their main purpose isn’t a push for turning the world green. And yet, they have still managed to create their products using high-quality sustainable materials.

What does sustainable materials mean, you may ask? Well, in the words of Wikipedia: “Sustainable products are those products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.” Quite frankly, I’ve maybe never read a single sentence with such description and clarity, so instead of paraphrasing, I figured I’d do us all a favor and just throw the whole definition in there. Thanks, Wikipedia.

No, Milkbarn is not the only company that achieves the use of sustainable materials, but it’s still an accomplishment if you ask me. Especially while doing it so gracefully!

Anyway, I’ve come to admire this baby brand a lot through the years, and even more just recently. And I’m forever in awe at how super dang cute the baby clothes, blankets, and accessories are, all while retaining unique qualities that parents all over the world are swooning over.

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