Modern and Sleek Baby Bedding by Little Auggie

Modern and Sleek Baby Bedding by Little Auggie

Here at The Baby Cubby one of our favorite brands is Little Auggie for a few different reasons. First of all, their products are so stinkin' adorable! Lets be honest ladies, if it's not cute we are not going to buy it. Not only are their products cute, but their fabrics and other materials are well thought out - making them comfortable and functional. The founders, Gen & Cristina Burgess, cleverly designed the bedding to be easily mixed and matched so each nursery can be custom designed with other products - like those featured in our previous blog "7 Finishing Touches to Add to Your Nursery." We think this is brilliant! These are some of our favorite designs, we hope you like them too.

Little Auggie Crib Sheets

We love how simple these sheets are designed making it easy to add to any bedding collection. And if you make a Little Auggie collection then this will add to the custom look. The Little Auggie Crib Sheets come in a number of adorable designs. These are also very comfortable, boasting a 200 thread count of 100% cotton and are conveniently machine washable. 

Little Auggie Crib Sheets

Little Auggie Cross Stitch Quilt

All of the Little Auggie Cross Stitch Quilts are stitched by hand in India and are machine washable! They are all classically designed to match any nursery. The fabric is soft and heavy so it will keep your little ones warm, but don't use it too soon since the quilts are not recommended for young babies. 

Little Auggie Criss Stitch Quilt

Little Auggie Cross Stitch Crib Bumper

Just like the Cross Stitch Quilts these Little Auggie Cross Stitch Crib Bumpers are hand stitched and super soft. They offer a clean look to any crib and can be paired with other Auggie Bedding, other sheets and blankets or even your own hand made collection. 

Little Auggie Cross Stitch Crib Bumper

Little Auggie Velvet Quilt

These Little Auggie Velvet Quilts are a perfect keepsake/heirloom gift for your little one. With it's velvet material this quilt is super soft and heavy - offering your baby security when snuggled in it. These have the same classic look that many Little Auggie products do. 

Auggie Quilts
Little Auggie Quilts

As you can see Little Auggie has some adorable designs and their quality won't disappoint! We love how any nursery can incorporate Auggie bedding seamlessly whether you are going for a clean classic look or a little funky. Come into our store or check out some of there other designs and color options at

Little Auggie Crib Sheets Robots
Little Auggie Crib Sheet - Robot Match
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