Modern Baby Shower Themes for The Modern Mama

Modern Baby Shower Themes for The Modern Mama

When I am tasked with planning anything, whether it be a big event or something more intimate, I take to Pinterest to help a sister out.  It's not any different with Baby Showers!  They are a special time where we get to celebrate those that we love as they get ready to welcome a new baby into their family.  As more and more people turn to Pinterest for inspiration, it seems themes are moving away from the traditional blue or pink decor and taking on a more mature and modern vibe. We have rounded up some fun themes and ideas from around Pinterest to inspire those of you who may be tasked with planning a baby shower for someone you love.

100 Layer Cake

I am loving the unique combination of jewel tones and pastels, coupled with fresh spring flowers, and even the food matches!  Now, that's impressive!!  This color scheme is gender neutral, it would work for girl or boy, or for those of you who have friends who don't know what they'll be having!

This clean color scheme is so fresh!  The simple white backdrop gives the perfect canvas for the tropical green fronds and pop of pastel pink.  The pineapple details give a slight tropical vibe without going bananas :)

100 Layer Cakelet

This backyard desert vibe for a baby shower has me swooning.  I am drawn to this scene of succulents and cacti as decor and party favors.  This eclectic mix of decor is perfectly rounded out by the simple use of neutral colors and intriguing textures.

Lovely Fest

Photo Source: Lovely Fest

I think L.A. circa 1955.  I love this modern take on midcentury, with the clean white backdrop, while the orange and green stand out to set the tone. I also love the cactus as a centerpiece.  Doing a theme like this is so fun for guests.  I love that it is not overdone, it's just enough that you get what they were going for without being distracted by it.

100 Layer Cakelet

Photo Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Have you heard of a Blessingway or a Mother Blessing? It is a Navajo rite of passage for a woman who is preparing to enter into motherhood.  It is unlike a baby shower in that it taps into the spiritual and instinctual aspects of child-birth and motherhood and the idea is to be surrounded by women who can offer support, words of wisdom, unity, and good vibes for the mom-to-be.  If you want something to celebrate motherhood and childbirth, but are not wanting a traditional baby shower, check out this idea.  I loved this decor with the peach and lavender, which have such a soft and earthy feel to them.  Not to mention the candles which create that ambiance of unity.  This color scheme would be perfect for a Blessingway, with that bohemian feel for those who want to tap into their natural side.

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up of some fun and unique baby shower ideas!

Written by Callie Lippard
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