Modern Piggy Bows: The Cutest Accessory for Your Little's Hair!

Modern Piggy Bows: The Cutest Accessory for Your Little's Hair!

Any mamas out there with little girls who constantly (and I do mean like always) have their hair in their face? I swear my babe has totally perfected the hair flip because she's always pushing her hair out of her eyes so she can see where she's going. And don't even get me started about the long hair/runny nose combo that is a thing of mama nightmares.

Modern Piggy Bows are just about the greatest thing to help littles with long hair, and you can seriously get whatever works for your little babe and her own style! I love that they are all handmade by a couple of mamas who wanted to make cute accessories for babes, and that buying their products just makes me feel like I'm helping out my fellow mamas, ya know? Plus, they are just straight up cute!

Their bows are always on trend, always comfortable for your babe, and won't cost you a ton! With their affordable accessories, you will never feel bad about getting all the cute bows for every season!

Here are a couple of my favorites from Modern Piggy in the different styles that my 2-year-old daughter will actually keep on her head (praise the heavens)! But head over to the Baby Cubby site to see ALL the adorable colors and styles!


These are my little babe's fave to wear, and she is most likely to keep them in. I also love that I can just clip back her bangs that are most likely to cover up her eyes or get covered in yuck from a peanut butter sandwich.


These are perfect for your littlest baby girls who don't have lots of hair yet, and they are a fave by mamas for a reason. They're made with stretchy nylon bands that are soft for your babe's head, and stay in place.


Now that our little girl's hair is getting a little longer, I am LIVING for putting her hair in pony tails, so scrunchies are the best thing ever. Whether I do one cute top knot or a couple little pig tails, they are just the cutest thing. Add on one of the Modern Piggy Bows and it's too much for my heart to take.

When it comes to pulling our little girls' hair back, it doesn't always have to be function over fashion. You can get the best of both with Modern Piggy Bows and pull back those locks whichever way you want for little and big girls!

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