Modern Piggy: Saving All Outfits One Accessory At A Time

Modern Piggy: Saving All Outfits One Accessory At A Time

If you have little girls in the house, it is likely that you also have a slight obsession with bows! And if you have boys, maybe you have a bow tie obsession! There are two pretty little heads in my house, and even though I have been looking at and purchasing bows for almost 4 years, I still can't stop buying them. One thing that has changed over the years is what I spend my bow money on.

When I had my first daughter, I bought bows almost exclusively by which were the cheapest ones. I also have wayyyy too many crazy print bows that I have no use for than the really versatile ones I truly love. I didn't even have any beautiful floral ones like that blue number right below here. Soooo, I probably bought the cheap prints that nobody else was buying or something haha

As I prepared for, and have been using bows with my new baby girl, my thoughts on which bows to buy changed. Let me tell you what, Modern Piggy is the golden egg I didn't realize was hiding out in the bow world! They execute three things INSANELY well:

  1. Their bows (including bow ties, scrunchies, hair pieces for mom) are beautiful. All of them! Even the prints are classic, tasteful, and can be used with so many outfits. They also have the best selection of versatile neutrals and solid colors that I have ever come across!
  2. They provide these amazing bows at AMAZING prices! I don't have to break the bow budget to buy them. Truly I don't have to pay much more than I was paying when I was buying the lame bows I was three years ago!
  3. Quality! QUALITY!! These babies are impeccably made with fabrics that will surely hold up from tiny babe to big girl, and even to mom! And the bow ties will certainly allow your sons to dress as dapper men as long as you choose.
Baby Bow Headband Set

Where are the boy moms at?! MP has a bow for their handsome little necks too! Nothing says boy outfit completion like a bow tie, right?! I don't have any boys yet (my husband sure has his fingers crossed for a boy next!). But, I do have nephews and they just kill me when they show up in a little bow tie!

Bow Tie - Peacock Dot

If you are going to trust one company with your bow loyalty, Modern Piggy has all the bases covered and will come in clutch for all of your special occasion and everyday bow needs! Something else I love about this company is that it was born in the hearts of two moms that came together as friends and spent the time grinding it out to bring Modern Piggy to life in their own homes. Speaking of moms, they make bows and scrunchies for you too!

Scrunchie - Wine Linen

Aren't the bows here so perfect? These are bows that I will spend my bow money on 100%, no questions about it! These bows are such a small taste of all the beautiful Modern Piggy options available in store and online at The Baby Cubby! I love knowing that if I need a Modern Piggy to save the day, I can just head into the store and walk out with my bow in hand a few minutes later (like if you still need an Easter outfit bow)! The best baby store and the best baby bows? What combination could be better?!

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