Moms Should Never Get Sick

Moms Should Never Get Sick

As I'm currently writing this, I'm about eight days into my COVID quarantine. That's right, both my husband and I have caught the "Rona". Besides the aches, congestion, and lack of smell, it could pass as nothing more than a cold. (I do recognize what blessing it is that our symptoms are not worse and daily send up thanks for that!)

We've gotten lots of questions from people wondering how we feel, where we caught it, what we've been told by local health officials, and how our kids are doing. We feel fine--just extra tired with that "blah" sick feeling. We have no clue where we picked it up! We're confined to our home for 14 days, give or take a few, based on when symptoms first showed up. And how are the kids? The kids are rock stars! They're feeling great so far (knock on wood...). But, boy, has it been a reminder of the fact that moms should just never get sick!

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11 (Slightly Humorous) Lessons Learned Since Becoming Sick:

  1. Kids really can eat cereal for every meal and survive.
  2. Not smelling the dog (especially when he comes in from being outside) is a game-changer for how much I love him.
  3. Teachers need a serious raise.
  4. Limiting screen time is way overrated.
  5. Fresh air and sunshine are always the best medicine.
  6. First grade homework is way harder than fifth grade homework.
  7. Baths are optional when you don't leave your house for nine consecutive days.
  8. Not tasting takes all the joy out of eating food.
  9. Grocery pick-up, delivery, and Uber Eats have been revolutionary.
  10. Have I mentioned that teachers are straight-up saints?
  11. Tang--I know I'm bringing back the 90s, but the kids think it's the bomb, which in turn, means I'm the bomb.

Those are just a few of the many realizations I've had over the past few days. The biggest realization, though, is that there's so much currently out of my control. Choosing to stay positive and have a proactive mentality about the whole thing has been key to keeping our family calm and maintaining some type of order! To say it's been chaos managing five young kids' school work and schedules is quite an understatement. (Hats off to you mamas who do it full time!) And let's throw in the fact that their dad, who works from home, has daily Zoom meetings and conference calls. Yep, it's nutso!

But once again, we're caught in the same "forced slow-down" that's allowing us to really focus on what matters most--our family, our health, our personal growth and ability to persevere, and our optimism about others and our future. It is funny how it takes these shake-ups to help us remember just how much good there is!

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