Motherhood Requires Many Bags with Logan + Lenora

Motherhood Requires Many Bags with Logan + Lenora

We've all heard it before "motherhood requires many hats." Very true! But I also think just as true is the statement that motherhood often requires many bags. Of course, you need your diaper bag, the tried-and-true, with-you-every-day bag. But, when I got my first diaper bag, I ditched almost all of my other purses and bags without really thinking. I blame my nesting self for that one. Suddenly one day it was summer and I went to get ready to go to the pool annnnnd...whoops, I didn't have a good bag! At that moment, it occurred to me that I definitely needed a small array of bags around to help me on different outings!

The Oversized

Logan + Lenora Oversized Tote - Baby Cubby

Logan + Lenora Oversized Tote

I think everyone just really needs a good oversized tote. My diaper bag carries quite a bit, but there have been multiple times when I didn't want to shove everything in there. The most common incidence is an all-day outing or a quick overnight trip. You know those days when you leave the house with the babe in their pajamas and plan to pull up at home with them asleep in their car seat? Yeah, you need a lot of things with you if you won't be returning home at all throughout the day. It is nice to be able to leave stuff you don't need on your back out of the diaper bag, but still keep everything together and organized. The younger your baby is the more you probably need, buuuut the older they get, the bigger their clothes get and the bigger their tummies get too! So, you will honestly get full use out of a big tote.

The Messy Day

There are times when you do not want to chance ruining your diaper bag, but you still want a bag that is a nice "normal" size to carry--whether you are going to splash pad, a national park, grandpa's farm, or whatever else! I really like having a bag around that is waterproof, very durable, and can be easily cleaned just in case I do get something nasty or stubborn on the bag. Not that you can't find those features in a diaper bag, but I just personally like having another option on hand for the potentially extra messy days! This Daytripper bag is a perfect size and has the exact features I want in a bag like this! The cherry on top? You can wash it in the washing machine!

Logan + Lenora Wristlet Clutch - Baby Cubby

Logan + Lenora Wristlet Clutch

The Date Night

On my first date with my husband without an infant in tow, I ran into another bag problem. Sure, I could empty out the diaper bag, buuuut I needed to leave said diaper bag with the baby at the sitter's house. I'm really wishing I wouldn't have dumped all my bags in my nesting phase once again!! But, the bags are long gone now, so what to do? Going out without a child truly gives you the opportunity to carry almost nothing. I carried way too much before I was a mom. Now if I can leave the house with my wallet, phone, and car keys, I do it! So I wanted a wristlet or decently small purse to have for my date night or childless outings. Carrying the bare necessities just feels so free sometimes you know?!

The Extra Helpers

A few other things I have found to be very helpful are an extra changing pad and a small zippered pouch for the pool or other wet outings. The changing pad I used daily was leather, so having a canvas/fabric one specifically for the pool, lake, splash pad etc. made sense to me. It also keeps you from accidentally forgetting to swap your changing pad back into your everyday diaper bag.

Logan + Lenora Petit Pouch - Baby Cubby

Logan + Lenora Petit Pouch

After going to the pool a few times, and being worried about just leaving my phone and keys sitting in the bottom of my big open bag, I went out and got a small waterproof pouch. You just never know when someone is going to cannonball into the pool and send a wave over the side to soak the bottom of your bag. It also makes it easy to search for and grab your small belongings from inside your bigger bag!

What do you think? Could your toting life be made a bit easier with a few more bag options? I truly think it will! Maybe I am just a bit too organized obsessed, but when I leave my house feeling completely and adequately prepared my outing seems to go a whole lot smoother. What other things do you like to carry around with you for specific outings? I am jumping back into the newborn stage this August, so I am looking for all the refresher and new-to-me items to have in my bags I can get!

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