Natural Ways to Cure Diaper Rash

Natural Ways to Cure Diaper Rash

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With all this cold, dry weather, our babes are bound to suffer from a little diaper rash this season. This means that mamas are also gonna suffer through some tough impossible diaper changes, while your child refuses to let you wipe their bum, sleepless nights because your babe is in pain, and overall moodiness from having a red, irritated bottom. Can we get summer back, please?

Well until that miraculously happens, I've put together a little list of all the natural ways to help cure your little one of the winter, rashy blues!

 Coconut Oil This stuff is actually magical, though. Not only does it take off makeup, moisturize your hair, and sub in for some of your fave recipes, but it works as an incredible soothing balm to help with redness and irritation. It has no scent, and you can buy the all-natural, organic varieties at pretty much any grocery. Just apply a small amount to your hands and rub it in until it's warmed up to a spreadable consistency. When you purchase a tub, it will come in a solid state, so you can scoop some out with your fingers (clean hands only please!) or use a spoon. Apply to a clean, dry bum and your baby should start to feel relief right away!


Breast Milk

 After a little research, I found this gem and cannot believe I never thought of it before! This is a tried-and-true method for healing those cracked and sore nipples while nursing, so why wouldn't it help soothe our little one's unders? It's an all-natural medicine made directly from yours truly, and some mamas swear by this. If you're still nursing, do your best to express a few drops of milk into a bottle or container (or just use what you have from pumping), apply it to your fingers, and spread over baby's bottom. This application won't have the same immediate soothing sensation that many others do, but over the course of a few changes, it can really make a difference in the redness and dry, cracked skin! Wash Cloths Going old school can sometimes be the best answer to a new problem. If your little one has sensitive skin, and you're noticing they can't stand to be wiped during changes, you may want to change up your brand of wipes, or just switch to a warm, wet cloth. Do everyone a favor and get your hands on some soft, clean cloths like these sweeties from Little Unicorn, and clean that bum up the product free way. Also make sure their bottom is DRY before putting on the diaper. Spend a couple minutes blowing to make sure you're not left with any wet spots, which could lead to more irritation for little one.

 Soothing Bath If it's good for us, it's gonna be good for babe too! A warm bath with some lavender essential oils, some oatmeal, or even a little bit of baking soda in the water can really help to keep your little one's bum soothed if they've got a bad rash. I would recommend skipping the soap if they have any open sores to keep healing. You can also add a couple drops of essential oils to the diaper when you're changing them as well. Go-to Balm When all else fails, you need a fail-proof butt balm that will do the trick! Some balms are filled with silicones and ingredients that can irritate skin and make the problem worse, so make sure you're purchasing one with all-natural and plant-based ingredients like the Tubby Todd All Over Ointment. It has extracts like jojoba and honeysuckle that naturally soothe and moisturize babe's backside. If you're hesitant to try out a new product, you can always make your own! Try out this recipe if you feel like going the homemade route:


 Baby Butter 1/4 cup of shea butter 1/8 cup of coconut oil 1/8 cup of jojoba oil 12 drops of lavender -Place the shea butter and all of the oils (except the lavender) together in a double broiler to melt. -Refrigerate until it turns white. -Add in the lavender essential oil and blend with electric mixer until it gets fluffy. -Store in an airtight container.

When our babes have sore, red bums, NO ONE is happy. So do yourself (and your little one) a favor and read up on some of the best ways to keep the rash at bay! XO

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