New 2016 Strollers from Baby Jogger!

New 2016 Strollers from Baby Jogger!

Obviously, the Baby Jogger City Mini is a stroller we all can love, which is why The Baby Cubby has offered this particular make and model for some time. However, little did you know that what's already good can get even better!

It's spring, and although the weather can be a little unpredictable at times, it's the perfect time to get out and about. Enjoy that sunshine and fresh air with our new lineup of Baby Jogger 2016 strollers: The City Mini GT (single and double), the City Mini, and the City Mini Zip. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the fabulousness of the City Mini, here are some quick specks and a breakdown for each new stroller, including available colors:

City Mini Single

2016 City Mini Single Stroller - Evergreen/Gray

2016 City Mini Single Stroller – Evergreen/Gray

Let's start simply: The 2016 City Mini Single from Baby Jogger offers all the convenience you need in a single stroller without extra bells and whistles. If you are on a budget, and prefer a quality stroller without the extras, the City Mini is a beautiful option for parents. Simplify your daily routine with a helpful one-hand fold and light-weight quality perfect for daily walks! With the 2016 lineup, we now offer the new colors of: evergreen/gray (pictured above), crimson/gray, and sand/stone. This stroller is just what a simple girl like me needs and wants. I'll see if I can add it to my wish list...onward, though.

City Mini GT Double
City Mini GT Double - Teal/Gray

City Mini GT Double – Teal/Gray

With the latest GT double stroller in the City Mini design, you can really enjoy all-terrain and twice the ride without doubling your work, too. The easy-fold design is incredibly helpful, particularly since you're juggling two kids! With fully-reclining seats, you can even help your kids take naps on the go. No matter where you go, this stroller will help you get there with car seat adapters and infant inserts. Enjoy it in new colors, including teal/gray.

City Mini GT
City Mini GT - Sand/Stone

City Mini GT – Sand/Stone

There's nothing like convenience and reliability in a stroller, which is what the City Mini GT offers. The hand-operated parking break lets you stop with ease, and the all-terrain wheels allow you to go freely where the wind calls you. An adjustable handlebar makes this stroller feel like it was made for you, and you can bet that the new design is just as durable as the last, if not more stylish in its new colors of evergreen/gray, crimson/gray, and sand/stone. Truly, luxury has arrived with the 2016 City Mini GT single stroller.

City Mini Zip
City Mini Zip - Red

City Mini Zip – Red

If three wheels isn't your style, you can always opt for the small and simple City Mini Zip. This cool stroller folds down to 1/8th of its original volume, which is always good news if you like to keep things compact and simple. Lots of moms tend to like this stroller for its lower price and ability to fit in tight spaces--both folded and open. If you want something comfy for your dear one that doesn't give you a headache to transport, the Zip was made for you. Feel free to zip, slide, and groove along in style with the City Mini Zip's latest colors: black, red, and teal.

If you're keeping your eyes open for a deal and don't mind having a slightly older model, keep in mind that several of the Baby Jogger strollers are on sale due to our new stock coming in, so take advantage! As always, you can have your pick of colors and styles without compromising on quality. Enjoy the season with a new and zippy stroller!

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