Baby Cubby New Arrivals Knitted Baby Bonnet

New Arrivals: Jellycat, KidWild, and Baby Cubby Originals!

Those first few months with our babies are indescribably beautiful. The time spent snuggling, holding, kissing, and loving them reminds us how truly wonderful life can be. Along with all the beauty (and trials) that inevitably come with welcoming a new baby into your home, babies can be pure fun. There's nothing quite like shopping for new baby toys and accessories to dress up our little ones! This week at the baby cubby, we have some adorable new hats and stuffed animals for your sweet newborns!


Jellycat is my favorite stuffed animal brand. The bashful bunny is a classic that little boys and girls alike will quickly fall in love with. The ears and arms are nice and long for easy toting ability, and the snuggly fur make for the perfect cuddle buddy.

Jellycat Large Bashful Bunny - Oatmeal
Jellycat Large Bashful Bunny - Petal

Large Bashful Bunny JellycatKidWild

Every little one needs a sun hat. Not only does it keep the sun out of their eyes, but it will keep their soft baby skin safe from the harsh sun rays! KidWild has amazing bucket hats to keep your kids safe and stylish!

KidWild Corduroy Bucket Hat - Pebble - 0-6M

KidWild Corduroy Bucket Hat
Baby Cubby

If you're looking for a sweet outfit for your baby's newborn photos, look no further! Our Baby Cubby knitted teddy bear bonnets are perfect to give you the perfect newborn photos that you'll cherish forever. Snuggly and soft and oh so cute, just like your precious baby!

Baby Cubby Bear Ears Knitted Bonnet - Brown
Baby Cubby Bear Ears Knitted Bonnet - Khaki
Baby Cubby Bear BonnetTo shop our new arrivals each week, visit us online at

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