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New Briar Handmade Bonnets!

New Briar Handmade Bonnets!

Kids clothes are cute, but little baby girl clothes always make us go "awwwwwwww!" With that fact in mind, be excited about the latest colors offered in our Briar Handmade line of infant bonnets.

You don't have to be a bonnet connoisseur to know that they are adorable and practical. Baby's heads often are hairless or nearly so, and whether it's just some innocent spring sunshine or serious summer rays, you want to protect your baby from any sunburns! Also, most babies are too young for regular sunblock anyway, so bonnets are a great fashion-friendly way to protect your little one's skin. It doesn't hurt that they are so whimsically sweet, either. The latest spring line of Briar Handmade bonnet colors include:
  • Aster
  • Charcoal
  • Ivory Linen
  • Midnight Bouquet
  • Natural Stripe
  • Navy Stripe
  • Posy

You can see pictures of all the latest bonnet designs and colors below, so you can mix and match and plan those cute spring/summer outfits for your little bundle of joy!


A perfectly put-together outfit is something to enjoy, but if you're lacking the perfect accessory to complete the look, check out these bonnets. They are classy and reminiscent of a little baby doll, which is really one of the best parts of dressing a baby girl! Choose from among beautiful florals and sensible basics for an extra-special touch to your little girl's wardrobe.

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