New Moccasins from Freshly Picked

New Moccasins from Freshly Picked

I know some moms might disagree with what I'm about to say, but I loooooove baby shoes! I know they're hard to keep track of because they're always falling off, and they aren't really necessary until your baby is learning how to walk, but I can't help it! I just have a hard time thinking my baby's outfit is complete without the perfect shoes! And next to cuddling my new baby and decorating a nursery, dressing my baby is my favorite thing to do!

BUT I am definitely not a fan of all baby shoes, especially if the sole is too stiff or if they're so uncomfortable that my baby won't keep them on. Because there is nothing more frustrating than searching for a lost shoe. I'm still sad that we once lost one of our little boy's shoes (my absolute favorites, of course!) while we were grocery shopping. And even though we noticed it before we left the store, and immediately sent out a search party and called the store the next day to see if they had found it, we never recovered it.

So, I was really glad when one of my friends bought our son his first pair of moccasins for his first birthday! They really were my favorite baby shoe! They are soft and comfortable, they actually stay on, and they are so cute (arguably the most important factor)! So, since I'm a HUGE fan of moccasins, I'm really excited to share these new styles from Freshly Picked with you.

First, I love these Freshly Picked Mary Jane Moccasins, available in birch and blush. Mary Janes are a classic shoe for girls (and women) of any age, and these ones are so, so cute! Made of durable leather, with the elastic opening that make all moms and dads love Freshly Picked, and in the cutest colors, these cute moccasins would go with any outfit in your daughter's wardrobe! Especially because pink is basically a neutral in a baby girl's or little girl's wardrobe. Right?

Freshly Picked Mary Jane Mocassins - Birch

Freshly Picked Mary Jane Mocassins - Blush

I also love these new Freshly Picked Mocassins in fern. A true neutral, this cute color could (and should) be a stable in any little one's (boy OR girl) wardrobe! Also, made of durable leather and made with an elastic opening, these cute and comfy moccasins are sure to be loved by your little one...and you!

Freshly Picked Mocassins - Fern

Now I just wish they came in my little man's size, so we could skip the shoes with characters and flashing lights altogether. But I LOVED my princess shoes with flashing lights (how fun was it to walk into a movie?) when I was a little kid! And besides, I just can't say "no" to that cute, little face!

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