New Oli and Carol Fruit and Veggie Teethers are Popping Up Just in Time for Spring!

New Oli and Carol Fruit and Veggie Teethers are Popping Up Just in Time for Spring!

Is anyone else getting sick of all this rain? If you're like me, then you're ready for a little more sunshine and lot more color. Can't a girl just get a little bloom in her life?!

Teether Toy - Ramona the Radish

Well, Oli & Carol totally gets me because they're brightening up my life with a few of their adorable teether toys in some cute new fruit and veggie shapes.

Oli & Carol makes their toys with dyes and latex that are safe for our babes to play and chew on. They don't have holes, so they won't be filled with nasty bacteria (because, ew, gross). And they are so fun to use as bath toys when your babes aren't using them to gnaw on.

Teether Toy - Ramona the Radish

If you're a mama who's looking for handmade and eco-conscious brands then you will love these little cuties from Oli & Carol-- They are hand-painted in Morocco so every teether is just a little unique, and they are made from natural rubber from Hevea Malaysian trees. They are also biodegradable which is a huge deal when it comes to keeping our planet healthy and happy for longer!

Here's the adorable new Oli & Carol teethers we're carrying at the Baby Cubby, and you can check out all their other fruit and veggie toys at!

Coco the Coconut

Ramona the Radish

Clementino the Orange

Check out our selection of teething toys online or come see us in store and check out all the deliciously cute teether toys from Oli & Carol to help make the time until spring a little more bright! 

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