New Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathways!

New Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathways!

Finding the right diaper bag can be difficult, especially when you know that both parents will be using it. Whether you and your spouse have the same day-to-day routine or not, most men don't want to go around carrying a "girly" diaper bag. Also, your daily routine may require a different type of diaper bag than your spouse's routine will, but sharing a diaper bag is much easier when you're taking turns with the kiddos throughout the day. So what's the solution? Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Packs are here to save the day.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack - Birch/Black Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack - Birch/Black The Baby Cubby has carried the Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Packs for a while now, and everyone has something they love about them. Whether it's their classy look, simple utility, or low-profile design, these bags have a lot to offer. If you liked the colors we had to start with (Birch/Black, Graphite, Birch/Stone), then you'll probably love the new color and new design options even more!

What the Pathway Pack Offers

Pathway Packs are something every parent is going to want, because they're basically the Boxy Backpack with a makeover. Moms and dads can both make good use of these bags at the playground or office with the large interior and laptop pocket, cross-body or backpack carrying options, and, of course, a removable changing pad. Choose from among a fantastic selection of colors to fit your specific style. And, if you miss the bright and outspoken designs of other Petunia Pickle Bottom bags, you can now enjoy one of the newest designs even more: Blissful Brisbane. Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack - Blissful Brisbane Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack - Blissful Brisbane At the same time, if you or your husband are students, this bag blends in perfectly with other cool-for-school bags, and no one will ever give you the side-eye in the student center again. In addition to great colors and flexible designs for any type of parent, the Pathway Packs sport easy-to-clean canvas that looks great for any occasion or event. Canvas bags are in, so grab your favorite color and strut your stuff!

Get the Latest Colors

Truthfully, it's really nice to have more than one diaper bag, especially if family or friends tend to help you with the kids from time to time. Whether you already have a Pathway Pack or not, these amazing bags are worth investing in. They have everything you need and nothing you don't want. My personal favorite design right now is the new Birch/Nautical, as pictured below: Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack - Birch/Nautical Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack - Birch/Nautical

With the two newest color additions, you really can take these bags anywhere. And what's more, you've got a wider selection of color types to suit any taste: cool, classy, upbeat, refined, low-profile, etc. People say the style of a diaper bag doesn't matter, but having a diaper bag you love the look of definitely makes things that much easier for a busy parent.

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