New Year- Fresh Start

New Year, Fresh Start

Who is ready to bang some pots and pans to ring in the new year?! I am! There is something so wonderful about a whole holiday dedicated to a fresh new start! This fresh start is the perfect time to set goals. No matter who you are or what walk of life you are in, setting new goals and assessing old ones should be something we’re all doing. 

They say that setting goals and working towards them sets us in the direction for a happier life. Sometimes we struggle to set goals that are achievable or will be most beneficial to us. Here are what the goal experts say are the best ways to set goals:

Decide on the Goal

Your goal could focus on improving your talents, focus on hobbies, physique, mentality or mental state, family and home, and career to name a few. Is there anything that you know you need to do or should do, but have been putting it off? Or is there anything you have been really wanting to do, but never make the time for? Thinking of these things are a great place to start.

Less is More

No, I don’t mean to dream small, but I do mean not to decide to change every little aspect of your life all at once. That would be overwhelming and when you don’t hit all of your goals, a little discouraging. Start with a few great goals and once those are accomplished make new ones. When a goal is accomplished you’ll be motivated and energized to accomplish the new ones. 

Write Down the Goal

Studies have found that writing down your goal, whether visible to you daily or written in a journal where it is not, will increase the probability of you accomplishing your goal. If you do write it down and put it somewhere you see every day it increases your chances even more because you are reminded of what you are working towards. You can even write down what it will look like and feel like when you accomplish your goal to give you that inspirational edge. 

Tell Someone

Telling a close friend or family member can be key to accomplishing your goal. Having someone to be accountable to or that will cheer you on along the way can make all the difference.

Break Down the Goal

Most goals can be broken into baby step goals. Having smaller goals to accomplish along the way can make larger goals feel less daunting. It also boosts morale by being able to accomplish goals along the way to the finish line. 

Don’t Give Up

Goals can take a long time to accomplish and there can be some setbacks along the way, but don’t give up! Just because you have an off day or week does not mean your goal is no longer accomplishable! We’re only human and I don’t know of a lot of people’s goals that are completed with a perfect track record along the way.


Make sure you celebrate yourself as much as you deserve when you have finally completed your goal. It’s a big deal so make it feel that way!

I hope everyone can have a beautiful year in 2022 full of all the happy growth and improvement you are hoping for.

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