Nighttime Diaper Changing Hacks

Nighttime Diaper Changing Hacks

As a new parent, I dreaded nighttime diaper changes. There is nothing quite like an infant, stewing in his own...stew, screaming so painfully loud that all 23 neighborhood dogs create their own choir of ear-piercing altos and sopranos at 2 a.m. Of course, according to the new parent handbook that comes only in the form of good old fashioned experience, all parents must go through these experiences to learn new parent hacks that create character, and make us all better people (there's just something about wiping a poopy tush that makes you appreciate life, am I right?). Luckily, The Baby Cubby has put together a fun video all about nighttime changing hacks to make your life so much easier!

 Lulu and Roo Sleep Sack - One Size - Pink and Gray Stripe

Less Movement Equals More Sleep

The less your baby is awakened during the middle of the night, the more likely it is that your baby will fall right back into his blissful slumber! The BEST jammies for frequent nighttime changes are sleep sacks. They can easily be untied without waking baby too much. I loved sleep sacks during the infant stage because nighttime feedings and changes were done hourly, and I didn't have to mess with zippers or footie pajamas! It saved me many nights!

Overnight Diaper Hack

As your infant gets older, middle-of-the-night "chocolate surprises" are fewer, making it easier for you and your babe to sleep through the night. Still, a saturated diaper can irritate sensitive bottoms. If your baby is sleeping 4+ hours at night, you may want to try this hack to prevent diaper rash. To make an "overnight" diaper, simply lather your baby's bum and surrounding area generously with diaper cream, and then place a clean diaper on him. Nighttime diapers should be sized up by one size to prevent leakage. This simple hack will prevent irritation and help your baby stay comfortable in his diaper overnight (unless he lays a stinky loaf, in that case, he'll need a fresh diaper).
Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother - Elephant

Nursery Nightlight or White Noise

It's no secret that babies love white noise. It's a fantastic sleeping aid! The white noise also cancels out any unnatural sounds that could otherwise disturb your baby. Nightlights are also excellent to help you see what you're doing without turning on any bright lights, and awakening your baby. For a full demonstration of these hacks, watch the video below.


Sleep is a wonderful thing. So is a clean diaper. Using these hacks will give you some peace of mind, and hopefully, a more peaceful slumber for you and your baby. For more tips on sleeping through the night, read another one of our great blog posts here!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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