Nothing's More Memorable Than a Smell

Nothing's More Memorable Than a Smell

Warm sweaters, pumpkins, football games, and cooler nights. There’s something about the weather changing that makes my heart just come alive! One of the many things I look forward to (besides all the delicious food that's involved!) is bringing out all my yummy candles. 

Did you know Baby Cubby carries candles? Yup, we sure do! And our latest arrivals from Okcollective are ones that you’d be crazy to miss. With scents from floral to spice, musk to citrus, you’ll find the perfect aroma for every season and occasion. And let's not forget, the modern, sleek packaging is about as perfect as you can get! As they say, nothing is more memorable than a smell.

These eight-ounce soy candles are homemade and come in reusable, stylish apothecary jars that will compliment the décor of any room. And guess what else? They have up to 50+ hours of burn time!

Cider 'n Chill
Treat Yo Self

There's nothing like a fresh scent to bring some vibrancy into your home. OKcollective candles from Baby Cubby are the perfect way to do just that! Now the only question is, how many can I fit on my counter?!


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Nothing's More Memorable Than a Smell - Peek Jar News

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