November's National Days!

November's National Days!

Happy November, mamas! With the start of a new month comes a whole new list of National Days to help you celebrate the little things in life. And since we all know the holiday season means a calendar full of fun, why not throw in a couple days this month to make the entire month worth celebrating!

1 Cinnamon Day

I mean with Halloween over that means that we add cinnamon to everything we eat now, right? Until New Years I'm pretty sure.

2 Deviled Egg Day

Here's the thing I'm a fan of deviled eggs, so why not make them for more than just an app on Thanksgiving Day? I mean... they have their own day, so maybe call your mom and ask for her recipe!

3 Sandwich Day

This is the day you've been waiting for-- the day when you can feed your family PB&J's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and thank the National Calendar for it!

4 Color the World Orange Day

Today is a day that helps bring awareness to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. While these aren't well known, it's important to respect all the challenges that our brothers and sisters are going through, and who doesn't need another excuse to learn more about something that affects others?

5 Love Your Red Hair Day

I have a sis with fiery red hair, and I love that she now has a whole day where she can let her hair down and to show off her beautiful, unique, and amazing red hair. So fun!

6 Stress Awareness Day

I'm confused, because every day in my life I am aware of my stress. BUT why not take today to be aware of our stress and do the things that help us make our life less stressful... like sleeping. Or watching The Office.

7 Men Make Dinner Day

Well, well, well, if it isn't the greatest day of the year. If you have a husband that loves to cook, then this day isn't special to you, but for me, this would be huge, epic, and life changing. Okay, I'm being dramatic, but seriously I love any excuse to not make dinner, so this is a great day.

8 Parents as Teachers Day

I like that this is a simple reminder to every mama and daddy that we are the first teachers for our kids, and that it's up to us to make sure our littles are learning how to be kind, confident, and happy children. And it's probably a good excuse to thank your kids' school teachers too, because hello, they are saints.

9 Louisiana Day

Growing up in the south, I spent a lot of time in Louisiana, and I love the fact that it has its own day to celebrate all the history, culture, food, and fun of the Bayou State. Also, don't be surprised if I try and find a local restaurant that serves crawfish.

10 Vanilla Cupcake Day

Either go to your fave bakery, or get yourself and your littles in the kitchen and bake up some cupcakes. Let them go crazy with the sprinkles and deliver some to your besties!

11 Veterans Day

This is such an important day for so many reasons, but I think it's a good idea to explain to our kids why we celebrate it, and who we may know in our lives that has fought or is fighting to protect all of the rights and privileges we have here in America.

12 Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

Did anyone else grow up reading these books? Why were they so good? I don't know, but there were like a million of them. Maybe head out to a used bookstore with your babes and try and find a copy, or stay in and make some chicken soup for dinner. You choose!

13 World Kindness Day

I mean, I love this. I think we can all agree that kindness matters in every way. Teaching our kids more about being kind to people who look different, think differently, or live differently than we do. Starting when our kids are little, and making an effort to continue to teach that as they grow older will make for a kinder future.

14 Family PJ Day

Whether you choose to spend all day together in your jammies and watch movies, or you decide to spend today getting online and buying your matching Christmas PJs, this is a fun day to get comfy, mamas!

15 Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Ew. I hate that this is a day. Plus, who actually does this? And can I hire you to clean out my fridge? Please?

16 Fast Food Day

Happy Meals for everyone! IF you're not a fast food person, then make this a day that you do quick meals all day long, so no stressing or standing over the stove today! OR drive thru your fave spot, get your usual, and make it a fun tradition... or like a weekly thing, but no one is judging, mama!

17 Take a Hike Day

Take this one literally, and get out and take a hike before it gets super cold outside. If you live in a place that has gorgeous mountains like Utah, or a more flat place like Texas, you can get out and take a hike in your neighborhood!

18 Princess Day

Whether you want to take today to treat yourself like a princess and get a mani/pedi, or take the time to play dress up with your baby girl to make her feel like a princess, then today's the day, mama!

19 Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

Oh, okay, so this day is simply made for me. And no one can tell me that I can't have sodas all day long, and that I can't be completely caffeinated to my heart's content. Because today. is. my. day.

20 Absurdity Day

This would be the best day ever to have a silly day with your littles. Dress up in mismatched clothes, sing and dance to funky songs, eat breakfast food for dinner and dinner food for breakfast, and make things as absurd as possible!

21 Stuffing Day

I always wonder why I never make stuffing on any other day than on Thanksgiving. It is seriously so good. It's SO GOOD. Maybe today you test out your recipe, call your mom, grandma, auntie and ask them how they make theirs, or try out something new to get ready for Turkey Day.

22 Cranberry Relish Day

Cranberry sauce is super yummy, and I mean, if you really like it, then why not take today to celebrate it, and make it for dinner?! Another day to get your recipes for the big day of eating coming up.

23 Adoption Day

This day is so important for so many families, and if you are one of those that has been blessed with the love of adopting, then this day is for you! Take today to celebrate all of the love your fam has experienced since adopting, and do something special together.

24 Sardines Day

Ew. Again, I have no idea what you would do on this day, except for maybe play sardines (the hide-and-seek game) with your kids. Because the thought of eating them makes me cringe. NOPE.

25 Play with Dad Day

Kids need playtime with dad-- it helps to make for happier, healthier, more confident littles. Take a back seat, let daddy know he's play master today, and let them go wild! Inside, outside, and everywhere in between--today is the day for play.

26 Cake Day

Another baking day, but I honestly can't get enough. Make your fave cake to have in the house for Thanksgiving dessert, choose one of your littles fave flavors, or make a sweet treat for one of your neighbors. The season of giving starts now with a cake!

27 Jukebox Day

Make this a day of singing and dancing all day long. Sing 'em loud and proud in the house, in the car, in the yard... you get the idea. Make it a day of music, mamas!

28 Thanksgiving

It's the big day, the turkey day, the day of endless eating and lounging and football. So many traditions, so many recipes, so many memories. Everyone does it a little differently, but no matter how you celebrate make it a day of family and fun and food.

29 Black Friday

Are you a wait-in-line, get-the-deals, and get-Christmas-shopping-done-before-the-sun-rises type of fam? Or a head-out-to-the-mall-and-scan-over-the-markdowns type? Either way, it's a day of shopping and a day off from work and stress, so take advantage! And don't forget about The Baby Cubby Black Friday sales happening in store and online!

30 Small Business Saturday

Get out into your neighborhood and shop small today, mamas. If you're looking for some great baby gear, clothes for mama, or some toys for Christmas, then check out for all the goodies we're sure you're going to love!

November can sometimes be a forgotten month (except for our favorite eating day), but take the opportunity to celebrate the little things and the national days throughout the month. Make it fun for your fam this year, mamas!

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