Nuna AACE Combination Booster Car Seat Review

Nuna AACE Combination Booster Car Seat Review



All the hype on the NEWLY released Nuna AACE Combination Booster Car Seat is CORRECT!  This is an AMAZING + BEAUTIFUL Booster Car Seat...let me tell you why I LOVE it SO MUCH.

First off, this Booster Car Seat is STURDY.  Some booster car seats feel very flimsy and the backs seem to fall off while picking them up and moving them.  Not this one!!! It feels VERY WELL MADE + STURDY, and it's gorgeous.

The AACE combination booster car seat is just like the rest of the Nuna brand - sleek and sophisticated, but also offers the advanced safety features we want to protect our little ones. Being the first of its kind, the AACE offers both horizontal and vertical growth, unlike most boosters that only grow vertically.

Here are some photos to show you the 3D Growth System:

The Nuna AACE features a 9 Position Headrest.

When the seat height and headrest are adjusted taller in height, the side wings expand outward giving more shoulder room as your child grows.


In the photo above, underneath the Nuna logo on the Navy fabric is a lever to pull out and adjust the seat. It expands up to 14" so as your child's legs get longer, the seat will grow with them and give the perfect amount of comfort. 

On the outer sides of the wings, there are Side Impact Protection Pods that can be used with a push of a button.

The Nuna AACE features a 2 in 1 design from a High Back Booster to Backless Booster.

Rigid Latch System for EASY installation:

                           One-Hand Recline:

Nuna AACE Weight Capacity:

High back booster 40–110 lbs | 38–60 in. Suggested 4 years +

No back booster 50–120 lbs | 38–60 in. Suggested 5 years +

Here are some photos for size reference.


Nuna recommends children be 4+ years, so this photo is only for size reference.  The model in this photo is 3 years old.  She still needs to be in a 5 pt harness due to her size, age & weight.

Here is our 8 year old model. He fits perfectly and meets the age, weight and height requirements with even MORE room to GROW!!!

The photo above shows the seat on the tallest setting...only to show how much room there is left for him to grown into, which is A LOT!

The Nuna ACCE comes with:

-Cupholder (dishwasher safe)

-Belt Positioning Clip

-Nuna Latch Glides (to make installation easy)


The Nuna AACE Color Options:





The Nuna AACE can be purchased HERE on our website or in-store!

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