Nuna AACE vs. Britax Clicktight Frontier

Nuna AACE vs. Britax Clicktight Frontier

If you've got a little babe turning into a little kid before your eyes, it can sometimes take you by surprise when they're getting a little too big for their convertible car seat. Well no worries, mamas. When we're talking car safety we know the transition into a booster can get confusing. So here are a couple of incredible, safe, and adjustable booster options for your not-so-little ones! The Nuna AACE Combination Booster is perfect for older kids who are big enough for the seatbelt, and the Britax Frontier Clicktight Booster Car Seat is a harness-to-seatbelt booster for our younger kids that have outgrown their convertible car seat but are not quite mature enough to handle just a seat belt.*

*It should also be noted that it is recommended that a child remain in a harness for as long as possible.

Nuna AACE combination booster car seat

The Nuna AACE Combination Booster is like all other Nuna products: easy to use, safe, sleek, and innovative. This booster is the first of its kind to feature both vertical and horizontal growth. Their 3-D Growth System lets you extend the seat vertically for height, horizontally for width or weight, and can even extend the seat length to make it safer and more comfortable for your child.

Nuna AACE combination booster car seatNuna AACE combination booster car seat

The AACE is a seatbelt adjustment booster with anchor/latch attachments to hook into your car. It features rigid latches, which prevents twisting or shifting in the event of a crash. Unfortunately, that means that this seat may not be compatible with everyone's vehicle. It is a good idea to always ask the store associate if you can install the booster in your car prior to purchasing! When you do install it, you will find that this booster is so easy to install and remove. Plus, the back can be removed for even more growth once your child is mature enough (but just needs some extra height) to sit in a real seat.

Nuna AACE combination booster car seat

*Please note that you should always utilize booster seat anchors to prevent the booster seat from being a projectile in the car if your child is not sitting in it. Alternatively, you can always buckle the booster seat in when not in use as well.


Britax Grow with you harness 2 booster car seat

The Britax Frontier Clicktight Booster Car Seat allows your kids to start out in a 5-point harness, and transition to a seat belt when they're big enough. It's got the safety features and comfort that always come standard with all Britax car seats. Like the AACE, it features LATCH to hook into the seats to prevent it from being a projectile in the car when not in use.

Britax grow with you harness 2 booster car seatSomething else to keep in mind is this seat is hefty; at 25 lbs this may not be the best option for families that may need to be taking this seat in and out, or switching between vehicles. However, this seat is super easy to install. You just have to lift up to expose the belt track, and then click it closed for perfect installation every time!

Britax grow with you harness 2 booster car seatThe harness-to-seatbelt option on the Frontier makes it the perfect seat for your growing babe. To transition between harness to seatbelt you simply remove the harness straps and buckle, and store them for when your next little one is ready for a booster. This seat has vertical height extensions as well, so when your babe is more of a little kid this seat will still keep them safe and sound for every ride.

If you're in the market for a seat for the in between time for your little kids the Nuna AACE and the Britax Frontier are two great options! XO

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