Nuna Leaf vs. 4Moms Mamaroo

Nuna Leaf vs. 4Moms Mamaroo

Like every other parent in the world, you're looking for something that will make your baby happy and your life easier. Am I right? You need a little somethin' somethin' to help your little angel when they're in a funk. What kind of funk, you ask? Oh, ya know---that can't stop screaming, crying, wailing, writhing, or whining kind of funk. You're looking for something to lay down your sweetie in when you've gotta get dinner on the table, or the laundry done, or the floor vacuumed, without putting them in the crib where they will then start a funk.

What you need is a swing that does more for your babe than just swing back and forth. Babies are looking for a little comfort that will match the shake, rock and swing of their mama and daddy. The Nuna Leaf and the 4Moms Mamaroo are going to check off all your (and baby's) wants and needs for a baby swing. If you've been wrestling between these two swinging sweeties, then here's a little more info to help you make up your mama mind.




Like everything else Nuna, this swing has a sleek, modern design, but maximizes comfort for baby. It's meant to mimic the shape of a leaf and give your little one a soft, comfortable ride. It's a simple, but innovative design because of it's unique movement pattern. Your babe will be lulled to sleep with a similar movement to being rocked and swung in your arms, instead of just the forward/backward of your average swing.

You're looking to pay $230, but this swing has been tested and approved up to 130 lbs, so this is definitely an investment for your babe from beginning to end. If you're looking for a cute, little accessory, the Nuna Leaf Series Toy Bar will match your Leaf, and help your newborn and young babes get used to recognizing shapes, colors, and designs.



The bounce and sway of the Mamaroo mimics the rocking of mama, without needing mama! Is that a win-win, or what? Your babe will get spoiled with 5 different motions, nature sounds, and even an optional MP3 hook up for some soothing music. Talk about convenience when you can actually control the motions and sounds with your phone. Aw technology, am I right?


This high-quality number will cost you $270, and is actually only suitable up to 25lbs, so we're talking newborn to infant. Make sure to grab the Newborn Insert to make sure your tiniest babe is snug and safe in their swing. The best part? There are no batteries required! All you have to do is plug her in and let her go.


Whether you've tried the old school forward and back swinging situation, or you're in the market for a more modern, mama motion swing, the Nuna Leaf and the 4Moms Mamaroo are going to be winners, mama. XO

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