Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Review

Nuna MIXX2 Stroller Review

One advantage I have from writing frequent blog posts for The Baby Cubby is getting to see A LOT of variations of products. You’d think that because of the amount of gear I see that they’d all start to blend into one another and look the same. But that is so very far from the truth! Each new product I get to write about stands out more and more and this stroller is a perfect example of just that.

The Nuna MIXX2 Stroller may look pretty basic at first glance, but the closer you look, you too will see how very extraordinary it is! The video above does a fantastic job of explaining just how luxurious some of these single stroller features are.

Something you won’t see in other modular strollers (like the UPPAbaby Cruz or the Baby Jogger City Premier) is the makeshift bassinet feature. The seat is able to recline completely flat and by unsnapping the material at the bottom of the footrest and re-snapping it up into a designated spot on the side, it quickly and brilliantly turns into a bassinet-like seat. This makes the stroller suitable and safe for even the newest of babies. Other strollers aren’t recommended until about 3 months and sometimes up until 6 months old! So the lifespan of the MIXX2 is automatically longer, thanks to the newborn seat variation.

Nuna MIXX2 Stroller

Keep in mind that the weight capacity is 50 pounds, which is a pretty typical maximum weight amount that you’ll see across many strollers. Another awesome part about this modular seat (that means it can be reversed to sit backwards or it can face forward) is the release buttons. Most have an awkwardly placed button on the bottom of a tab on either side of the seats, but this seat has built-in handles with a release button inside of them. This makes it super easy and quick to move the seat from rear to forward facing or vice versa.

Larger foam-filled back tires make this stroller more all-terrain friendly. The texture and size of these wheels, along with the suspension, allow for a smoother ride on surfaces like grass or bark compared to other strollers with smaller or rubber tires.

Folding this stroller is an option with the seat facing either direction – I love that feature. While folded, the soft goods are off of the ground and there is a folded trolley feature that allows you to easily push and pull the stroller around without it dragging on the ground. Sadly this doesn’t stand on its own while folded. As much as I like the folding features and folded features, I like the unfolding features even better. It is truly a one-handed unfold, something I wish my Baby Jogger stroller could do.

The only negative I can really come up with about this stroller is that it weighs 26.8 lbs. This isn’t outrageous, but it is a little on the heavier side for a single stroller. But thanks to the aforementioned trolley feature, it’s not too likely that this will be carried all that often.

A few last honorable mentions:

  • The brake is awesome: push green for unlock and red for lock with a simple tap of the foot.
  • Car seat adapters for any Nuna Pipa car seats are included in the original purchase to easily transform this into a travel system.
  • A good-sized canopy (with a handy magnetic peek-a-boo window) extends into a great-sized canopy with a quick zip of a zipper.
  • Speaking of zippers: there is a small zipper pocket in the rear of the large storage space below the stroller and a magnetic-closure, easy access storage compartment on the back of the seat.
  • The seat features a removable and adjustable belly bar.
  • The handlebars are leatherette and telescoping.

And there it is, another stroller review for the books! The Nuna MIXX2 is a great stroller but if you’re still looking for the perfect stroller for you and your family, check out our Stroller Buying Guide for tips, information, and comparisons on SO MANY STROLLERS. And don’t forget about our new Love Your Stroller Guarantee!

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