Video: Nuna PIPA Lite r Infant Car Seat

Video: Nuna PIPA Lite r Infant Car Seat

If you love the PIPA Lite, then this upgrade is the one for you!

First off, Nuna has absolutely maintained the PIPA Lite's lightweight functionality that we're so fond of. It's made with aerospace aluminum and Aeroflex foam, so you can carry your baby in this 5.3 lb. PIPA lite r car seat with you wherever you need to go! Any PIPA Lite will always be one of the lightest, safest car seats on the market.

The feature that really elevates the PIPA Lite r above its predecessor is its new and improved base. It's called the RELX base (the previous version was called the PIPA series base). Instead of having the combination of a bubble level indicator and a flip foot, now has 4 built-in recline positions, similar to their convertible car seats like the RAVA and the EXEC. This feature makes it much easier to adjust the recline appropriately for your baby's size and weight. Additionally, the RELX base has a 3-section locking load leg instead of a simpler two-section load leg. What this does is allow for a better fit in every car, even if you install the base on a middle seat.

The Pipa Lite r is just another great invention from Nuna. They’ve mastered easy installation and foolproof safety features, and we recommend it for any new parent!

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